The Darknyan

Yo-kai Watch 2: Psychic Specters

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Level – 64

Exp – 4700

Reward – Mighty Medicine x3

Head to the summit of Mt Middleton in the present and you’ll find Hovernyan. He’s tried to protect the world in the years since your grandfather’s death, but everything’s been so peaceful since the Wicked Yo-kai left. He’s bored and worried that people will get complacent and fall victim to something like that again. He wants to find a trainer who can challenge him and make him into an even greater hero. The Yo-kai you’re after is Espy, and to find her you’ll need to head to the Yo-kai World by taking the elevator at Mt. Wildwood. If you haven’t unlocked access to the Yo-kai World yet then you’ll need to complete the quest ‘Back to Yo-kai World’ which can be commenced by speaking to Lucas at the Mt. Wildwood Shrine.

When you’re in Yo-kai World you need to head to Lord’s Gate right at the end. If you’ve been there before then you can just speak to Mirapo at the entrance and they’ll warp you all the way to the end. When you get there speak to Espy, who knew Hovernyan was coming. She says that if Hovernyan wants to become more powerful he’ll need the help of the “perfect Yo-kai butler”. Unfortunately for Whisper she’s actually referring to Verygoodsir, who you can find in Gera Gera Land.

Warp over to Gera Gera Land and head over to area with the tongue rides, near the entrance to the Kaibuki Theatre Underground. On the east side of this area there’s some stairs you can climb – go up there and Verygoodsir will be waiting for you. His first piece of advice is for you to help Hovernyan find his limits by battling him. He’s not overly tough as he’s a bit of a glass cannon – his attacks hit hard but he can’t take too much damage, so hit him hard and hit him quickly and he won’t post much trouble. After the battle Verygoodsir gives Hovernyan a book of secrets, which supposedly contains everything he needs to know. Hovernyan gets really inspired while reading this book. You’ll get tasked with finding some equipment that Hovernyan will need when he becomes an ultimate hero, which is hidden in Gera Gera Land.

To find the Utility Belt, go down the stairs and head west – there’s a bridge here where Mircle will spawn. This Mircle has a chance of dropping the belt when it’s defeated, so you might need to walk away and come back a few times before you get it. To get the Cloak of Secrecy, head to the southeast corner of Gera Gera Land, where you’ll find Snee walking around. He has a chance of dropping the cloak, so battle him a few times if you need to. If they don’t drop the items you need then keep going back and forth between each of their spawn areas, battling them each time they reappear. It shouldn’t take too long though – Snee dropped the cloak first try for me while Mircle took three attempts.

Take the items back to Verygoodsir and bear witness to Hovernyan’s heroic training montage. When that’s complete, you can lay your eyes on the new and improved… Darknyan!? What happened!? Oh, it turns out the book Verygoodsir gave Hovernyan was a dark, angsty comic book that made Hovernyan think this is how heroes are supposed to be. Now he’s going to mope here in the dark with his butler. Oh right, I get it. Haha, that’s good.

If you want to recruit Darknyan then head to Piggleston Bank and scan the QR Code below. You can then return to Darknyan and fight him once per real world day with a chance at befriending him.

Yo-kai Watch 2 Psychic Specters - Darknyan QR Code

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