Trying Tangle Tango

Yo-kai Watch 2: Psychic Specters

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Level – 29

Exp – 1011

Reward – Cheery Coat, Dancing Star x2

If you look out onto the beach near the Abandoned Shack in San Fantastico, you’ll see a quest marker on the map. Head over there and you’ll find a distraught Rhyth watching a strugglin’ Wigglin from afar. Talk to Rhyth and she’ll spin a heartbreaking tale of love and broken dreams, and implores you to get Wigglin to snap out of it and come back to her.

You go talk to Wigglin and he’s breaking down about having to choose between his dream of becoming a professional dancer and his reality. You can’t summon one of the dancing trio to inspire his dancing because they’re all involved here! Instead you’ll need to summon Ray O Light to cheer Wigglin up. You can find him in present day Harrisville in patches of grass. There’s next to a statue around about the centre of town, near the store. Inspect a grass patch when a C Rank signal is coming from it and you’ll find Ray. His favourite food category is Sweets, so hit up the cafe in Downtown Springdale beforehand.

Take Ray to Wigglin and he’ll brighten his day and remind him of his love for dancing. Steppa arrives and asks Wigglin if he’s willing to lose Rhyth by pursuing his dream til the end, and an argument breaks out between all three members of the trio. Whisper and the player are totally confused at this point, but decide to follow Rhyth. Head to the northern end of the beach and then enter the hidden cave on the left. Inside, Steppa proclaims his feeling for Rhyth but she’s not sure if she reciprocates them yet. Go back to Wigglin again and he’ll tell you to come back tomorrow and see how he’s feeling.

Go sleep in your bed til the next day and come back to witness Rhyth and Wigglin arguing. He refuses to give up on his dream and she runs away in tears. Wigglin knows his dancing is missing something but there’s no Yo-kai who could help – what about a human? Head to Gourd Pond Park in Breezy Hills and find Groovalicious on the stage. He’s happy to help you learn to dance, and gets you to dance along to his breakout hit – Grippa Grooves Get-Down! You have to play a minigame like the one you can play with Mimikin – spin your bar around in a circle using the touch screen to catch orbs, and when a growing ring touches the outside of the circle tap the screen. It’s not the best minigame and it might take you a couple of tries to get right. Try holding the console a bit further away from you to get a better feel of where your stylus is touching the screen, and hold your hand so that the stylus is perpendicular to the screen rather than holding it like you’re writing with a pen.

When you succeed at the minigame Groovalicious will give you his Dance Revolution book, so take it to Wigglin. He realises that he’s lost Rhyth amidst his obsession and so he pushes himself even further so that she can see his effort pay off. He evolves into Kelpacabana and puts on a big show at the Yo-kai World. However, Rhyth has feelings for Steppa and can’t go back to the way things were. And that’s the end of the story, good grief. And yet Rhyth and Steppa aren’t happy for their friend, in fact they are quite salty about the whole affair.

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