Cap’n Crash… ‘n Burn

Yo-kai Watch 2: Psychic Specters

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Level – 65

Exp – 5400

Reward – Top Techniques x2

To start this quest, head right to the back of the Seaside Cave in San Fantastico, where you fought Cap’n Crash to free Mermaidyn. The captain is back, and he’s moping about the fact you stole his ‘wife’. Here at Mon Amiibo we know all about appreciating statues, but thinking you can marry one is a step too far. For some reason you agree to help hook (hehe) him up with someone else. He tells you about an old crush he had on a golden mermaid who’s lived in the San Fantastico seas for hundreds of years. So you’re going to reunite them then? Wait, nope, he’s never actually even seen her, he just heard a legend about here – “On a day when sun and rain meet, the Golden Mermaid rises from the deep”. Let’s hope she actually exists!

You’ll need access to a fishing boat to continue this quest, so if you haven’t already then head down to the wharf at San Fantastico and talk to the guy on his boat who has a quest for you. Find the fish he needs by fishing around in the area and you can use his boat.

Now you need to keep an eye on the weather. At some point the weather will be displayed as sunny, but you’ll be able to see rain falling still. When this happens, warp over to San Fantastico and go out on the fishing boat. Whisper will detect a strong presence, so go to the back of the boat and scan the top area of the screen with your Yo-kai Lens. You’ll find Mermadonna, a golden mermaid! You tell her what’s up, but she’s only interested in strong Yo-kai and the story makes the captain sound weak. She thinks you sound strong, so if you can beat her in battle then she’ll go meet with the captain. Mermadonna can be a bit tricky because she’s very evasive and can inspirit herself to constantly heal HP. If you can wait out her inspirit then she’s not very hard to beat if she’s not constantly healing. After the battle she says she’ll go meet with the captain, although it sounds like she wants to fight him. Uh oh, if he couldn’t beat you he stands no chance against her – better go and see if he’s alright.

Go back to the end of the Seaside Cave and you’ll walk in on an argument between the captain and Mermadonna. The captain’s a wee bit thirsty and proposed to Mermadonna the second she showed up. She wasn’t at all impressed with this, nor the fact that she wiped the floor with him in battle. She’s going to stick around though because she’s never met anyone as weak and uninspired as the captain and so she feels like she NEEDS to be there in order to make something out of him. That’s good enough for the captain and he gives you a Mermaid Pearl as thanks.

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