New Style Boutique 3 – amiibo Functions and Unlocks Guide

New Style Boutique 3/Style Savvy 3: Styling Star amiibo Guide

New Style Boutique 3 (or Style Savvy: Styling Star for our American friends) features amiibo compatibility that allows you to unlock some new design elements for making your own clothes. To make use of these features you must first reach Stylist Rank 8 (this will take about 3-5 hours of play) so that you can unlock the ability to design your own items. You can then tap your amiibo by selecting the amiibo app from your phone. Tapping any amiibo for the first time will unlock the title ‘amiibo Ahoy!’ for use in your profile, and tapping amiibo can also unlock different patterns and emblems depending on which character was used.


Tapping any Mario amiibo will unlock the Mario T-Shirt pattern for shirts and an emblem featuring Mario’s hat and moustache.


Tapping any Luigi amiibo will unlock the Luigi Bag pattern for bags and an emblem featuring Luigi’s hat and moustache.


Tapping any Peach amiibo will unlock the Peach T-Shirt pattern for shirts and an emblem featuring Peach’s crown.


Tapping any Yoshi amiibo (including the Yarn Yoshis) will unlock the Yoshi T-Shirt pattern for shirts and an emblem featuring two eggs.

The Legend of Zelda

Tapping the amiibo of any Legend of Zelda character (including Smash Bros. amiibo and the four Champion amiibo) will unlock The Legend of Zelda T-Shirt pattern for shirts (based off the Champion’s Tunic from Breath of the Wild) and the Triforce as an emblem design.


Tapping any Kirby character’s amiibo (from either the Smash Bros. or Kirby series of figures) to unlock the Kirby T-Shirt pattern for shirts and an emblem featuring some candy.

Animal Crossing

Tapping any Animal Crossing amiibo (including Villager from Smash Bros. and any Animal Crossing amiibo cards) will unlock the Animal Crossing T-Shirt pattern for shirts and an emblem of the iconic leaf from the series.


Tapping any Splatoon amiibo (from Splatoon 1 or 2) will unlock the Splatoon T-Shirt pattern for shirts and an emblem of an Inkling squid.


Tapping any amiibo that doesn’t fit one of the above characters or categories will still unlock a pattern and emblem! You will get the Ribbon Tote Bag pattern for bags as well as an emblem featuring the shoe from the New Style Boutique game icons.


You can recolour each of the different shades on the patterns when making your own designs and can combine the resulting items with regular clothing in the game to make cool new outfits.

If you don’t have the amiibo needed to unlock patterns you want then unfortunately you will miss out as these are all exclusive. However, you can use the online marketplace to buy custom items made by other players that use amiibo-exclusive patterns. This feature is unlocked at the same time as the ability to make your own designs.

New Style Boutique 3/Style Savvy 3 - Champion's Tunix

New Style Boutique 3: Styling Star will release on November 24th in Australia for the 3DS family of systems. Keep an eye out for my review on Vooks, coming soon!

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