What is LEGO Dimensions?

LEGO Dimensions is Warner Bros’ entry into the Toys To Life genre. It takes the ‘LEGO format’ and stuffs it with content from 14 different franchises, instead of a single one like most other LEGO games. You’ll travel through 14 different story levels based on brands such as Back to the Future, DC Comics, Doctor Who, and The Simpsons, solving puzzles and fighting baddies with the unique abilities of each character and vehicle. Outside of these levels you can roam freely around 14 ‘Adventure Worlds’ (one for each brand) that are filled with puzzles to solve and things to destroy. Solving these puzzles will reward you with studs and Gold Bricks which you use to purchase bonuses and upgrade your vehicles. Being a Toys To Life game, you get physical LEGO of every character, vehicle, and gadget in the game, and when you unlock new forms for your vehicles you get instructions to physically rebuild them into their new forms in real life as well!

A full list of the brands you can buy characters from is below:

  • DC Comics
  • The LEGO Movie
  • The Lord of the Rings
  • The Wizard of Oz
  • The Simpsons
  • LEGO Ninjago
  • Doctor Who
  • Back to the Future
  • Portal
  • Ghostbusters
  • Midway Arcade
  • Scooby Doo
  • Jurassic World*
  • LEGO Legends of Chima*

*Doesn’t have a Story Level

You might find a few hidden surprises relating to other brands as well 😉

What platforms is it on?

LEGO Dimensions is available on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Wii U.

Are there any differences between each version?

The PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii U versions don’t have as good performance as the PS4 or Xbox One versions, and reportedly have less destructible objects and scenery in Adventure Worlds. I see a lot of people getting confused about how the game’s patches and expansion packs work on the 360 version – from the sounds of it the way this version of the game handles patches and additional content packs is a lot less intuitive than other versions.

What do I need to buy?

The first thing you’ll need to buy is the Starter Set. This gives you access to all 14 Story Levels, as well as Batman and his Batmobile from DC Comics, Wyldstyle from The LEGO Movie, and Gandalf from The Lord of the Rings. Using these figures you can also get into the Adventure Worlds from DC Comics, The LEGO Movie, and The Lord of the Rings. You won’t be able to unlock everything in the Story Levels or the Adventure Worlds without buying extra characters – however, a new feature has been patched in that eases the feeling of being locked out of content – The Hire-A-Hero feature allows you to pay in-game currency to get access to some of the game’s characters for 30 seconds when they’re needed for a puzzle.


Alright kid, this is where it gets complicated


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There are four types of additional packs that you can buy: Fun Packs, Team Packs, Level Packs and Story Packs.

Fun Packs give you a character and a vehicle/gadget. This vehicle can be upgraded into two additional forms, with different abilities. For example, the Wicked Witch Fun Pack comes with a minifigure of the Wicked Witch, and a minibuild of a Flying Monkey.

Team Packs give you two characters and two vehicles/gadgets (which can also be upgraded). For example, the Jurassic World Team Pack comes with Owen Grady and an ACU Trooper, as well as the Gyrosphere and a Raptor.

Level Packs come with one character, two vehicles/gadgets, and access to an additional level that features a story related to that character. For example, the Simpsons Level Pack comes with Homer, his car, and his TV, and will also let you play through a level based on the Extraordinary Voyage of Homer episode of the TV show. Access to the level is granted by placing the character on the Toy Pad, not through a download code, so you could take Homer to your friend’s house and play the level while you’re there (but they won’t be able to play it once you take Homer with you!).

Story Packs are a new addition to the game, and let you play through the plot of a movie via 6 levels added to the game. They contain one or two characters, one item, and a set of bricks that you can use to decorate your Toy Pad like a location from the movie. For example, the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Story Pack comes with Newt Scamander, his pet Niffler, and a LEGO set based on the Magical College of the USA from the film. It will give you six new levels that follow the storyline of the movie.

There are also 30 Adventure Worlds that can be unlocked by playing as a character from each brand. Any character can be used to enter an Adventure World, but each brand only has one Adventure World. So you can unlock the Back to the Future world by playing as Marty McFly or Doc Brown, but both of those figures will unlock that same world – there’s not two Back to the Future worlds. This world is separate to the level included in a Level Pack, so if you buy a Level Pack you get access to a new level AND that brand’s Adventure World.

Are the levels in the Level Packs unlocked with a download code?

The levels are unlocked while playing as the character in the pack. So if you have Chell on the Toy Pad you will be able to play the Portal 2 level. The access isn’t locked to a console or save file, so if you play on another console you can access the level so long as you have the character’s tag.

Do I need to buy all the toys?

Nope! If you’re purely after 100% completion, this is the minimum packs that you’ll need to buy. This list is slowly being updated as we progress through the newly released packs, but is accurate up to Wave 6. Bolded packs are ones that don’t necessarily need to be bought due to being available in the Hire-A-Hero feature, and their Adventure World being opened up by another pack.

Year 1 Packs

  • Starter Set
  • Scooby Doo Team Pack
  • Jurassic World Team Pack
  • Simpsons Level Pack
  • Portal 2 Level Pack
  • Back to the Future Level Pack
  • Doctor Who Level Pack
  • Ghostbusters Level Pack
  • Midway Arcade Level Pack
  • Wicked Witch Fun Pack
  • Cyberman Fun Pack*
  • Sensei Wu Fun Pack
  • Cragger Fun Pack
  • Aquaman Fun Pack*
  • Slimer Fun Pack*

Year 2 Packs

  • Ghostbusters Story Pack
  • Mission Impossible Level Pack
  • Adventure Time Level Pack
  • Adventure Time Team Pack
  • Harry Potter Team Pack
  • The A-Team Fun Pack

There are also a number of unreleased and unrevealed packs you will need to buy at a later point that we will add to the list once we know for sure what they are and whether they’re needed.

Keep in mind that this list is taking all of a vehicle’s forms into consideration, so you’ll need to make some upgrades to get access to some abilities.

If you’re not willing to take the plunge and buy a heap of things right away, I’d recommend you at least try to get the following packs:

  • Wicked Witch Fun Pack
  • Scooby Doo Team Pack or Adventure Time Team Pack
  • Portal Level Pack or Doctor Who Level Pack

This will give you access to three new Adventure Worlds, an additional level, and give you access to a heap of commonly required abilities, so you won’t often find yourself unable to proceed. If you get the Adventure Time pack you’ll also unlock a Battle Arena that lets you play some 4-player competitive local multiplayer modes.

Are there restrictions on what characters can be used in each level?

Nope! Chuck anything down on the Toy Pad and you can use it. However, the levels in the base game are designed around the included characters, so you’ll either need them or characters with their abilities to progress. Batman, Wyldstyle, and Gandalf have dialogue in the story levels that only appear when you’re playing as them, so I’d recommend having them on the Toy Pad at all times in addition to any bonus characters you want to use.

The same is true of Level Packs – they’re designed around the included character and items, and the included character will have dialogue that you’ll miss if they’re not on the Toy Pad.

Does it have multiplayer?

Yep! All versions have multiplayer – but only local splitscreen, not online.

But I want to play online

You won’t always get everything you want in life, unfortunately.

There’s no instructions in my box, how do I build my toys?

If you have the game, the instructions to a character’s vehicle will pop up on the screen when you place them on the Toy Pad. The exception to this is characters that come in a Level Pack – the instructions for their builds will appear at certain points in their specific level. Play through their level and you’ll unlock their items and Adventure World. If you miss the instructions or want to see them again, place the character on the Toy Pad and hold the character select button (Triangle on PlayStation, Y on Xbox, X on Wii U). Then select the instruction booklet on the bottom of the character select wheel.

If you don’t have the game (or wish to build everything before you play the game) then you can download the instructions from LEGO’s website.

Can I only upgrade my vehicles at the Vorton Portal?

You can actually do it anywhere, but the game doesn’t make this clear. Open the character select wheel (hold Triangle on PlayStation, Y on Xbox, X on Wii U) and select the instruction booklet at the bottom of the menu.

Can I switch my vehicle between its different forms?

Yep! When you’re driving it (or holding it if it’s a gadget), hold down the interaction button (Circle on PlayStation, B on Xbox, A [I think] on Wii U). This will bring up a menu that will let you turn vehicle abilities on and off, but if you select the circle on the top of the menu it will cycle your vehicle between its different forms.

Why does the box say an internet connection is required to play?

You don’t need a constant internet connection to play, however some large patches are needed in order to access a lot of the game’s content. You can play through the Story Mode and use all your characters without a patch, but in order to access the extra levels and Adventure Worlds you’ll need to download the patches. The patches also include some big bug fixes and feature additions (like the previously mentioned Hire-A-Hero system). If, for some reason, you don’t have your console connected to an internet connection I’d advise against getting the game as you’ll be locked out of most of the content.

I think I have a defective Toy Tag, what do I do?

Some people have had success with fixing Toy Tags that don’t work by scanning it with an NFC reader app on their phone. If this doesn’t work, or your phone doesn’t have this feature, you have two options. Well, three if you include roaring at the top of your lungs an option. If you recently bought the pack and just want to get back to playing, then you can go to the store you bought it from and exchange your pack for a new one. Make sure you keep your receipt!

If you’ve been playing for a while and don’t want to get a whole new set, then you can contact LEGO support using the ‘Broken Bricks’ option. Enter the set number of your pack, then add the tag that’s broken to your cart and checkout. This process is totally free, but make sure you have a proof of purchase in case they ask for it. It will take a few days for your tags to arrive. I ordered two blank tags that the website said were out of stock on a Sunday, and they arrived 9 days later on a Tuesday. So while the process is free and simple, you won’t get your parts right away.

For convenience’s sake, a list of all set numbers can be found below. Just expand the ‘Set Numbers’ tab.

Set Numbers

Starter Packs

  • PS3 Starter Pack – 71170
  • PS4 Starter Pack – 71171
  • Wii U Starter Pack – 71174
  • Xbox 360 Starter Pack – 71173
  • Xbox One Starter Pack – 71172


Level Packs

  • Back to the Future – 71201
  • Doctor Who – 71204
  • Ghostbusters – 71228
  • Midway Arcade – 71235
  • Portal 2 – 71203
  • The Simpsons – 71202


Team Packs

  • DC Comics – 71229
  • Jurassic World – 71205
  • Ninjago – 71207
  • Scooby-Doo – 71206


Fun Packs

  • Aquaman – 71237
  • Bad Cop – 71213
  • Bane – 71240
  • Bart Simpson – 71211
  • Benny – 71214
  • Cragger – 71223
  • Cyberman – 71238
  • Cyborg – 71210
  • Doc Brown – 71230
  • Emmett – 71212
  • Eris – 71232
  • Gimli – 71220
  • Gollum – 71218
  • Jay – 71215
  • Krusty – 71227
  • Laval – 71222
  • Legolas – 71219
  • Lloyd – 71239
  • Nya – 71216
  • Sensei Wu – 71234
  • Slimer – 71241
  • Stay Puft – 71233
  • Superman – 71236
  • Unikitty – 71231
  • Wicked Witch – 71221
  • Wonder Woman – 71209
  • Zane – 71217

What’s the blank space next to the last Story Level in the level select? I THINK I FOUND A SECRET LEVEL IS IT LEGO DIMENSIONS 2 OR-

Nope. Head up to the Adventure World section of the Vorton Hub. On the ground floor, head as far right as you can, then down towards the screen a bit. You’ll see a gold portal. That’ll take you to the bonus level if you have 20 Gold Bricks.


If you’ve still got questions, LEGO have some official FAQs on their website you can check out as well: