Directator’s All-Star Cast

Yo-kai Watch 2: Psychic Specters

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Level – 11

Exp – 190

Reward – Y-Cola, Double Burger, Sandwich

Near the western ticket gate of Springdale Central Station is a Yo-kai named Directator. He’s a GENIUS Yo-kai filmmaker who wants to film a movie starring a human cast instead of Yo-kai and asks you to find five actors to star in his film. They need to be able to see Yo-kai (how else could he direct them?) and he has some very specific roles in mind. Here are the roles and who you need to speak to in order to fill them.

  • A fiery middle aged man with a bow tie, pointy hair and an eye catching beard – Mr Stickler in community centre
  • A somewhat-stout, older, bald man wearing black clothes – Mr. Zen at Shoten Temple
  • A total weirdo with a flashy thing on his bushy head – Det. Holdit west of bathhouse
  • A strong-willed woman in white with unnecessarily high energy – Diana Gately in museum vault
  • A classy refined lady, a single girl wearing a kimono – Ms. Frost in the bar next to the curry shop, only at night

Once you’ve found all give actors, Directator will instantly take you all on-location at Gera Gera Land. Nate gets cast as the monster and is tasked with chasing everyone around the park for this scene. Hmm, that sounds an awful lot like hide and seek. Talk to Directator, who’s standing on the ride near the park’s entrance. He’ll tell you what you need to do, and what do you know – it is hide and seek. You have to find all five people within 3 minutes. It’s not too hard, here’s where to find everyone.

  • Run a little northwest of your starting position and you’ll run into Holdit and Stickler, who move in loops. Grab one then and there and then chase after the other
  • Diana is running around near the entrance to the Kaibuki Theatre Underground
  • Once you’ve grabbed Diana you can find Ms. Frost near there too. Head south from the theatre entrance and you’ll see some stairs. Go up those and you’ll run into her
  • Mr. Zen’s a bit trickier. To get to him you need to head past Ms Frost towards the eye switches that are visible on your map. Interact with the switches to rotate the rides abd make a path of tongues to the volcano section of the park in the northwest. You’ll run into him once you cross the tongues onto the boardwalk

When the scene is a wrap, Directator takes you all back and thanks you for your work. Unfortunately though, he pays in exposure. That’s the life of a freelancer for you. Your rewards are two new apps that let you rewatch cutscenes and bonus scenes that you’ve seen so far, as well as view the game’s concept art and behind the scenes materials. There’s a little time skip after this and you find out your film has won many awards in the Yo-kai film industry – the player’s not too happy with their portrayal though.

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