Whistory Lesson, Part 1

Yo-kai Watch 2: Psychic Specters

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Level – 52

Exp – 3700

Reward – Mega Exporb

Once you’ve seen the cutscene mentioned in the main guide page, you’ll need to come back to your room after an in-game day has passed (or sleep to pass the time). Whisper will have a quest for you! The player questions Whisper’s skills and knowledge, citing the fact that he’s always looking at the Yo-kai Pad to get information on Yo-kai. Whisper is upset and says he actually has a secret power that he can’t show them. Later that night, Whisper and Jibanyan are having a chat on the roof, and Whisper says his power is actually cursed and so he doesn’t use it to protect the player. Kin, Gin and Bronzlow show up and beam them into the past with the aim of having Whisper change history so that he never meets the player, therefore having no-one be able to stop Dame Dedtime.

You’ll get a cute introductory animation for this line of quests – Private Whispocrates, Yo-kai Tactician! Whisper wakes up in feudal Japan with a hot new look, and Jibanyan has been turned back into Rudy again. Head west and talk to Naoto, the boy hanging his washing out. Whisper accidentally inspirits Naoto, who begins to spout nonsensical facts to his friends and makes a fool out of himself. Whisper reveals that his real Yo-kai name is Nonuttin, and he makes people think they’re geniuses when in fact they’re talking total nonsense.

A soldier appears and tells Naoto he has been called upon the shogun, which freaks him out. Head to the northern end of town and talk to Naoto. It turns out the shogun called Naoto because he claims to know the location of the legendary sword Slicezilla. The problem is that he was under the influence of Whisper at the time, and he actually has no idea what this sword is or where it could be. Whisper accidentally inspirits Naoto again and makes him claim the sword is hidden in a shrine on a nearby mountain.

The shogun and Naoto accompany a search party to the mountain but they can’t find the sword. Uh oh. Naoto comes clean about why he said all these things but the shogun doesn’t believe him. Thankfully thee shogun’s abbot comes to Naoto’s defense, saying he can sense a spirit, and tries to exorcise Whisper and Jibanyan! Just in the nick of time, the shogun actually finds a sword hidden in a waterfall. The shogun believes this was the spirit’s plan all along, and so he calls out to the hidden spirit to inspirit him and become his spirit companion. Kin, Gin and Bronzlow show up to send the yokai to another pivotal moment in time, but Bronzlow messes up and sends everyone back to their original time. The evil Yo-kai are out of Time Stones now and can’t do anything, so they vow to return later.

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