Gera Gera Goodbyes

Yo-kai Watch 2: Psychic Specters

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Level – 95

Exp – 10000

Reward – ???

Now that the park is up and running, head back to the underground section of the Kaibuki Theatre and speak with Kabuking. He thanks you for your help and basically dubs you as the official errand boy/girl. Hooray? He’s preparing for a kabuki performance but the Yo-kai who operate the stage lift are nowhere to be found! They’re up in the main theatre section, which is divided into two halves – one accessible from Gera Gera Land, one accessible from Paradise Springs. Kabuking has promised you an ultimate reward once you’ve found them. Hmm, intriguing.

Exit the underground from the northwest, and follow the path around. There’ll be some stairs which you need to climb. Do so, and follow the path around to an eye statue that’s displayed on your map. Interact with it and push the button until the tongues make a path to the other eye statue. Walk around the new path to the other statue and interact with it to make a path to the other side of the park. Follow that path and the entrance to the theatre will be on the east side of the park. Head in there, and you’ll find Minochi at the southwest of the theatre. Talk to them and they’ll head off to do their job.

Now you’ll need to make your way to Paradise Springs, either by train or through the shortcut underneath the theatre. The entrance to the main theatre is much easier to get to here, all you need to do is head to the west side of the room and walk up the stairs through the higher of the two doors. Once you’re in there you’ll find Mochismo in the south east of the room. Talk to them and the show will be ready to start.

Go back to Kabuking and tell him preparations are ready, and he’ll present you with his ultimate reward – a role in his performance. Sure, why not? He’ll be playing the role of an evil demon, and you’ll be the valiant hero who slays him! He’s all about authenticity though, so this is going to be a real battle. Damn method actors. Save your game and talk to Kabuking to get the show on the road, but be warned – the recommended level for this quest is 95, for very good reason. He’s an incredibly powerful boss and as such I’ve been unable to beat him so that’s where this particular guide ends for now, sorry!

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