I Ordered the Supergirl LEGO Dimensions Figure And This Is What Happened



If you’re after information on how to actually get Supergirl, read this more recent article.

A couple of weeks back we reported on two new characters found within the code of LEGO Dimensions (Supergirl and Green Arrow). One of the weird things that was discovered was that the listings for the LEGO Dimensions Starter Set on LEGO’s support website now showed the parts of Supergirl’s minifigure in the parts list. Most of these parts were the same as the Supergirl parts in other DC LEGO sets aside from a new hair piece, which was also the hair that the in-game character had in the gameplay footage. My curiosity got a hold of me, and I wanted to see if this mysterious figure actually existed. These parts being added to the website meant that someone could place a missing parts request for this figure (but only the LEGO pieces as the Toy Tag wasn’t listed). Given that my PS4 Starter Set didn’t come with a Supergirl figure, that’s exactly what I did.

The process was simple enough. I just had to go through and add each of these pieces to an order. The legs, body, and head required a proof of purchase, and so to order them I needed to input some numbers located on the back page of my Starter Set’s instruction manual. Too easy. My order went through, and I got a confirmation email. I was expecting them to either ignore the request or send an email back saying “Terribly sorry, but those parts weren’t meant to be listed there”.

Supergirl Parts Order

These are the parts as they appeared on my order confirmations

So imagine my surprise, when a couple of days later I got an email saying that my parts had been shipped. These parts weren’t even a part of the Starter Set! But the really curious part of this is that only three of the figure’s parts had been shipped – the head, body, and cape. If I go to the Order Status page and input my order number, it only lists these three parts, and has the status marked as ‘Completed’. Weirder still, if I login to the account I made this order with, the Order Status page says I’ve made no orders, and searching for my order number gives an error.

Supergirl Order Email

The parts listed as being shipped in the email I received

So I sent an email to LEGO’s Customer Support asking about the missing parts… I wasn’t going to originally, because this figure isn’t really meant to be released so I didn’t want to push it, but I felt like I was missing an opportunity to follow this rabbit hole all the way and see if I can get photos of this physical figure. This is the email I sent:

Supergirl Support Request

I mean, technically according to the official parts list I AM missing a figure… but I’m probably still going to hell.

Then today (a couple of days after I sent the follow-up email) I got a response from LEGO Support about the remaining parts of the minifigure. The contents are pasted below, and here’s a screenshot for proof.

LEGO's Response

Dear Josh,
Thanks for getting in touch with us.

I am sorry that those two pieces were left off of your order! I have created a new order for part #6097853. It is order [redacted] and it should arrive to you within 21 working days.

However we don’t have the LEGO® part #4578853 you need. Our designers in Denmark invent new LEGO toys and pieces all the time. They spend hours trying to create toys that are better and more fun every time. This means we sometimes have to stop making a few of the older pieces.

You may still be able to find the pieces you need through different retailers or online shops. Keep in mind that these aren’t our websites so the LEGO Group isn’t responsible for their content, and the items they’re selling could be new or used.

Even though we don’t have the pieces you requested, we might have something similar in our current assortment. If you’d like a different piece or want some help finding out what might work instead, please let us know.

To see all the LEGO toys that we now make and to see if we make similar pieces, please go to LEGO.com/shop.

We want to make sure we’re doing a good job for you, so you’ll always find the link to a four-question survey in our emails. Please tell us how we did today:

So unfortunately I won’t be able to complete this minifigure right now because of the hair not being available. What I found interesting though was that they mentioned that the hair piece was an old, out of print part. It was my understanding that this was a new, unique piece for the model, but I evidently misread – the combination of parts for this Supergirl figure is unique, but this particular part has been used before. A quick search shows that it’s been used in a few sets before, most recently on a Luna Lovegood figurine in a Hogwarts Express set. It’s interesting that Supergirl in Dimensions has this hair, and not the hair that the existing Supergirl figure has in the DC Comics sets. That hair is part number 4549990 and doesn’t have a ponytail.

The hair being out of print for the moment doesn’t really indicate anything about Supergirl’s status in Dimensions because if it’s a future pack to be released after Wave 5 then I doubt they would have started re-producing a part that hasn’t been used since 2012. I was surprised that the request went through without someone pointing out that this figure wasn’t meant to be in the set, but I wouldn’t look into that too much since their support probably just goes off the official list, which says it is part of it. It would’ve been interesting if the complete figure was ready and available, but what can you do. I got a free, mostly-complete Supergirl figure out of this that I feel kinda bad about, so it wasn’t a waste of time following all this up.

I’ve made a gallery of images of the parts that have shipped, that you can view below:


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