Supergirl is Another Promotion-Exclusive LEGO Dimensions Figure

Supergirl in LEGO Dimensions

UPDATE: Promotion has been confirmed for Australia by PR

A while back evidence of Green Arrow and Supergirl LEGO Dimensions figures leaked. It was eventually revealed that Green Arrow would be given away at conventions, or in some countries (like ours) included as a bonus if you bought a Starter Pack. It’s now been revealed that Supergirl will be handled this way worldwide – you need to buy another Starter Pack to get her. It gets better – it has to be a PS4 Starter Pack. So if you’ve already got the game or you want to buy it for another platform, then you totally miss out. This promotion starts in September, and will end in March next year which might mean she’ll be available separately after that, but that’s not confirmed.  They make a point that people who own the game already will be able to play as her through Hire-A-Hero, which doesn’t exactly raise my hopes.

Supergirl has similar abilities to Superman, but instead of Frost Breath she can switch into her Red Lantern form. In this form she can fire energy bolts and beams, and use Lantern Constructs. It’s said that this is an ability exclusive to her, which makes the exclusivity even more annoying. In the LEGO Batman games, Lantern Constructs were similar to the Magic and Transform abilities – in certain spots Lantern characters could use their power rings to create different objects that could help them progress, such as a shovel construct to dig through dirt.

Red Lantern Supergirl in LEGO Dimensions

An accurate representation of my mood

We now have confirmation from PR that this promotion will occur in Australia as well. This means that in order to get all the characters Australians will be required to buy at least two Starter Packs in order to get every character, and if they were already playing the game before the promotions then they’ll need to have bought the game three times. Not exactly a nice way of rewarding fans.

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