Com2uS’ Skylanders Mobile Game Now Has an Open Beta

Skylanders Ring of Heroes Mobile Game

Fans had been anxiously awaiting details on Com2uS’ Skylanders game for mobile devices that was set to release this year and now the game has been officially revealed as Skylanders Ring of Heroes, with a beta version of the app available for download on Android devices from the Google Play Store. Hopefully something similar occurs for iOS devices so I can actually play it! It’s a free to play game with microtransactions, as expected. Here’s some more details on the game taken from the store description.

“The ALL-NEW Skylanders mobile RPG is finally here! Join Spyro, Stealth Elf, and many more of your favorite Skylanders in this epic adventure of Skylanders™ Ring of Heroes!

[Build the ultimate Skylanders team!]

  • Collect from more than 60+ Skylanders!
  • Level up, evolve, and awaken your Skylanders to make them stronger than ever before!
  • Equip your Skylanders with up to 10 magical Rune abilities.
  • Summon Skylanders and Villains alike to fight by your side!

[Become the #1 champion!]

  • Mix and match Skylanders with unique skills and abilities to create the ultimate team!
  • Time your attacks and use mana wisely to overcome your enemies!
  • Knock down your enemies defenseless, use the elements to your advantage, trigger the status effects!
  • Intuitive game play for on-the-go mobile play: just tap on skills and your Skylanders are ready to fight!
  • Test your strength against Portal Masters from all over the world!

[Watch the Skylands come to life!]

  • Experience the rich and colorful world of Skylanders!
  • Reimagine the Skylands and give it your personal touch!

This game is free to play, but you can choose to pay real money for extra items.”


The Play Store listing also includes a trailer for the game and some screenshots, which you can view below.

More information regarding the game can be found at the official Skylanders Ring of Heroes website.

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