Fire Emblem Warriors – amiibo Unlocks Guide

Fire Emblem Warriors amiibo Guide

Fire Emblem Warriors is the latest collaboration between Nintendo and Koei Tecmo, combining the world of Fire Emblem with the gameplay of Dynasty Warriors. Two new amiibo launched alongside the game (Chrom from Fire Emblem Awakening and Tiki from Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon) and it also has special functions for amiibo figures of other Fire Emblem characters. The amiibo Present feature is unlocked once you clear Chapter 2 in Warriors’ Story Mode, and can be accessed by selecting Extras from the main menu. Up to 5 amiibo figures can be tapped per day, with the limit resetting at midnight.

Chrom amiibo

The first time you scan the Chrom amiibo you’ll unlock the exclusive Chrom’s Training Sword weapon that only Chrom can wield. It’s an E Rank weapon so you can use it right away. It doesn’t matter when you tap the amiibo because it’ll always have 40 power and the Strike Rate+ ability so scan it right away to get the most use out of it. The Strike Rate+ ability speeds up the wielder’s attacks so they’re way quicker than usual, but unfortunately you can’t pass it on to other weapons in the Smithy.

Tiki amiibo

The first time you scan the Tiki amiibo you’ll unlock the exclusive Tiki’s Tear weapon, a dragonstone that only Tiki can equip. It’s an E Rank weapon that can be used right away (assuming you’ve unlocked Tiki in the story mode of course), which is pretty astonishing given that it has 75 power and the All Stats+ ability that raises all of the wielder’s stats (aside from Mov). It can’t be used in the Smithy though, so you could potentially find more powerful weapons later on.

Fire Emblem amiibo

By scanning any amiibo figures of Fire Emblem characters you’ll get a random, non-exclusive weapon that’s at least three stars in quality. This means that they’ll be powerful or have a lot of ability slots on them. If you scan the amiibo of a character who’s in the game then you’ll get a weapon that character can wield (e.g. Tomes if you scan Robin, Dragonstones if you scan Tiki) while if you scan a character who’s not in the game you’ll get a random weapon type (e.g. Scanning Ike might give you a bow). These drops will be appropriately levelled just like the game’s regular weapon drops, which also means that you can only receive weapons you’ve unlocked access to. The following amiibo can be used to trigger these drops:

  • Alm
  • Celica
  • Chrom (once you’ve unlocked the Chrom’s Training Sword weapon)
  • Corrin (Female)
  • Corrin (Male)
  • Ike
  • Lucina
  • Marth
  • Robin
  • Roy
  • Tiki (once you’ve unlocked the Tiki’s Tear weapon)

Other amiibo

Any figures that aren’t Fire Emblem characters can be scanned for other bonuses. Miscellaneous amiibo give you random rewards including money, materials and lower quality weapons.


Fire Emblem Warriors is available now for the Nintendo Switch and New Nintendo 3DS family of systems, as well as the Chrom and Tiki amiibo.

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