LEGO Dimensions is Officially Cancelled

LEGO Dimensions

The rumours regarding the cancellation of LEGO Dimensions had picked up a lot of steam recently after Eurogamer confirmed elements of Bricks to Life’s report that packs from the current second year, and planned third year, of packs were cancelled. Warner Bros. had been really quiet about the game, resorting to small mentions of future packs on social media rather than having a big convention and store presence, but they’ve broken this silence now to confirm that no further packs will be produced for the game. On Twitter the LEGO Dimensions account posted the following image.

LEGO Dimensions Cancellation Message

They added “From building and rebuilding to the most bricktacular mash-ups, the Multiverse would be nothing without our amazing community. Thank you.” You’ll still be able to play with all of your currently released packs and download the required DLC for any that you don’t have, but seeing as Year 2 packs are treated as DLC on the consoles’ online stores it’s possible that they could get taken down at some point. Licensing for things like this can be weird – Marvel games and DLC have disappeared from online stores before when the developers’ licenses ran out, but it’s unknown what kind of deal Warner Bros. struck for Dimensions. The game will continue to receive customer support but it’s not likely that we’ll see many, if any, more gigantic patches since the main teams have been moved on to other projects.

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