Whistory Lesson, Part 3

Yo-kai Watch 2: Psychic Specters

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Level – 61

Exp – 4300

Reward – Cursed Robe

After another in-game day, Whisper is reminiscing again. The player promises to listen this time, but runs out to hang with their friends. Whisper and Jibanyan hang out on the roof again, when the bad Yo-kai show up (again) and, surprise surprise, send the two back in time. This chapter focuses on the fateful battle of Sekigahara, where Waitington and his allies have been betrayed. Head into the centre of the camp and answer Waitington’s call. Whisper doesn’t know what to do, because he knows from experience that his advice doesn’t help this time and Waitington will fall in battle.

At this point, Kin and Gin appear and offer Whisper a chance to rewrite history – inspirit the enemy troops so that Waitington’s army can defeat them, thus saving the shogun’s life. Whisper accepts their offer and comes clean to Waitington about the fact he isn’t really an expert tactician. He tells the shogun his plan and goes to leave, but Waitington stops him. History doesn’t change because the shogun accepts his fate and decides to go out with honour. Shogun Waitington asks his friend for courage, and Whisper reluctantly complies. The inspirited shogun drums up morale for his troops and they charge into battle. Waitington thanks his friend for all he has done and says one final goodbye, as he rides off towards his fate. Whisper breaks down in tears, and morphs into the form we see him in today. The evil Yo-kai wonder what they’ll do now that history hasn’t change and everyone returns to the present.

Jibanyan and Whisper are back in their own time, and Jibanyan realises now that Whisper uses the Yo-kai Pad so that he doesn’t accidentally inspirit the player with nonsense facts. He also realises that he snuck a Legend Charm back from the past. The player now returns home, and says that they’ve been looking everywhere for Whisper! But just as Whisper starts to get emotional the player continues their train of thought and reveals they were looking for him to borrow his Yo-kai Pad.

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