Tamer of Time

Yo-kai Watch 2: Psychic Specters

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Level – 75

Exp – 8000

Reward – Cursed Staff

Before you start this quest you need to make sure have access to Gera Gera Resort and that you’ve completed Directator’s All-Star Cast as well as all three Whistory Lesson quests. Do that, and then head to the bathouse in Paradise Springs. On the west side of the bath area you’ll find two doors – take the upper door to enter the Kaibuki Theatre. In there you can find Directator for a new quest. He’s putting together a film on Dame Dedtime because of the villain boom in the film industry, and he wants your help. He wants to document her origin story straight from her mouth, and since you were the one who defeated her you might be able to give him some back up.

Head to the Infinite Inferno (west from Shoten Temple, through a gap in the barrier outlining the road) and enter it. In the first circle, keep heading east at each opportunity and you’ll eventually see a door to the south. Enter that and then keep following the new paths you find. You’ll come to a prison room where Dame Dedtime is being kept as punishment for her crimes. She’s been stuck here for 60 years, so she’s understandably a bit ticked off. Directator appears and she’s speechless that people want to actually hear her story.

She says that she was a human once; a small town girl who was eager to marry. She was falsely accused of destroying her master’s property and show she was thrown into jail, where she slowly rotted away over the years. A sympathetic story, but the player and Whisper aren’t buying it. She gives you her comb to take to Miradox so you can go and witness the event for yourself. Go back in time to Old Springdale, and then head to Springdale Station (where you fought Dame Demona). There’ll be a new Miradox there who can now take you back in time even further, to the Sengoku period.

When you travel back, Directator and his crew are already there. Head south towards the quest marker on your map and talk to Madame Otoki. This is what Dame Dedtime used to look like!? She tells you that her fiancee made her comb and that it’s one of a kind. It’s really her, then. Since the story checks out you can go back to the present and return to Dame Dedtime. Be sure to save at the entrance to Infinite Inferno, because a boss battle is coming up.

Before you can reach Dedtime, you’re ambushed by Kin, Gin and Bronzlow who are on their way to rescue Dedtime. Time for a boss fight! You have a general idea of how to beat these guys because you’ve fought Kin and Gin several times throughout the main story. However, they’re now much stronger. Kin has her Earth-attribute Meteor attack, and her Lightning-attribute Lightning attack that can hit all Yo-kai. Gin has a Water-attribute Water Smash attack, and an Ice-attribute Frozen World attack that can inspirit all Yo-kai. Hitting either of them enough will cause the other to get a stat boost.

There’s a rogue element in this fight that wasn’t present in the others – Bronzlow. On his turn he’ll use the skill “What Should I Do?” which can have one of several effects. Sometimes he’ll do nothing, other times he’ll hit you with attacks. Occasionally he might even fall over and become vulnerable to attack! What you want to look out for are his inspirits – he can inspirit one ally to make them gradually lose HP, all inspirit all allies so that their defense is lower. This will force you to switch out to your other Yo-kai so make sure you’ve got a full watch of competent Yo-kai. Hitting Bronzlow enough times will cause both Kin and Gin to get a stat boost at the same time. The three siblings can perform a Soultimate together called Spirited Fogy Orb which can deal huge amounts of damage to all three of your active Yo-kai.

Just like in the previous battles, these boss Yo-kai can revive each other if you knock them out. There’s two ways to deal with this – the first is to get each boss’ health to a really low point and then use a Soultimate move that hits all enemies at once to take them all down with one attack. The other is to wait for one of the bosses to start the revival process using a Time Stone. If you use a targeting pin to smash the stone, the revival attempt will be thwarted. Make sure to keep an eye out though because there could be two siblings left alive both attempting to revive their fallen comrade and you don’t want to be stuck triggering a Soultimate or purifying a Yo-kai when you should be stopping the revival process.

When the battle is over Bronzlow will screw up one more time and permanently freeze the siblings using a Pause Stone. Run past them into Dame Dedtime’s chamber and Directator will show her the footage he recorded. She discovers that her fiancee had been waiting for her the whole time she was in prison, treasuring the comb he made for her and never giving up hope that he would see her again. Remembering the love she once felt, she is reborn as Dame Deartime and thanks you for your help. The quest is capped off by a trailer for Directator’s film.

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