Whistory Lesson, Part 2

Yo-kai Watch 2: Psychic Specters

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Level – 56

Exp – 3900

Reward – Golden Doll

After an in-game day has passed since the previous quest, Whisper will have another quest for the player in their room. Whisper is caught lamenting that he can’t remember what happened next in his past, which gets the player’s curiosity. He’s going to tell the player his life story but they run out to do an errand for their mum – rude! Whisper and Jibanyan have another DnM on the roof when Kin, Gin and Bronzlow show up and send the two Yo-kai back in time again.

Time for a  new episode of Private Whispocrates! Years have passed since the previous quest and now Shogun Waitington is caught in a big conflict. Head north to enter the castle courtyard, then north-east to the castle entrance. Once you’ve gone inside, talk to the abbot near the entrance. He senses the Yo-kai’s presence and tells them that Waitington has gone to battle. Whisper remembers what happens next – the shogun is unwilling to accept Whisper’s nonsensical plan, but Whisper accidentally inspirits him and has him pitch the plan to his troops anyway. They excitedly go along with it and the plan ends up working instead of being the total disaster it was expected to be. Looks like Whisper knows more than he realises!

The troops are celebrating after their hard-earned victory, but Waitington isn’t among them. Where could he be? Head out the south-east exit and then head towards the flag marker in the southern courtyard. Waitington thanks Whisper for his help and gives him the title of Yo-kai Tactician! He asks for Whisper’s name and, seeing an opportunity, Whisper says his name is Private Whispocrates, Yo-kai Tactician! The evil Yo-kai show up again and Bronzlow warps Whisper and Jibanyan slightly further in time, in the hopes of reaching the Crossroads of Fate where Whisper will decide to change history. In the future, Waitington has built up a reputation and he builds a bond with Whisper. Bronzlow warps them through time yet again, but he does it wrong and so they end up back in the present. The evil Yo-kai must return when their powers are recharged so they can send Whisper to the Crossroads of Fate and shatter history.

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