A Legend’s Loco Motive

Yo-kai Watch 2: Psychic Specters

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Level – 60

Exp – 4000

Reward – Cursed Sword

To start this quest, talk to Shogunyan at the Paradise Springs Station. He’ll talk about his dream to learn all about modern trains, but in order to ride them all and see all the stations in the modern world he’ll need an unlimited ride pass because he can’t afford to keep paying for tickets. You’ll need to give him a Free N Easy Pass, which is the reward for completing the Stamp Rally. If you haven’t done this yet, head to Spring Station (the station near Excellent Tower), and talk to the conductor to get the stamp card and a quest. You’ve now got to visit all 18 of the main stations in the game. You only need to worry about the main ones visible on the train route map, none of the secret ones. Find the stamp station at each stop and fill in your card and then visit the conductor when it’s completed. He’ll give you the Free N Easy Pass that lets you ride the trains for free in the present.

Give this pass to Shogunyan and he’ll go off on a journey to a station named after “foretold riches”. Hmm, that rings a bell… perhaps he’s over at Fortune Place? You can’t warp to this station with Mirapo but you can get an express train there from Springdale Central. Shogunyan’s on the west side of the station but you’ll need to use your Yo-kai Lens to reveal him. Whisper panics because he thinks Shogunyan is trying to slice trains with his sword, but he’s only meditating and he attacks you out of shock. The battle isn’t too hard if you’re appropriately leveled, but Shogunyan can dodge attacks easily so you might struggle if luck’s not on your side. After the battle everyone clears up the misunderstanding and Shogunyan gives you your train pass back – it turns out he used it to inspirit someone and complete the Stamp Rally for himself! He tells you that he’d love to battle you again if you run into each other at another station, and if you do there might be a nice treasure reward for you! He says he’s headed for a station named for a glade of seers, and the quest is completed.

If you want to track him down then head to Dreamer’s Field station on the Central Line. You can continue to fight him and follow him to the next station he mentions, but you don’t need to in order to complete the request.

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