Little Grandma’s Helper

Yo-kai Watch 2: Psychic Specters

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Level – 69

Exp – 6000

Reward – Reversword, Turnabeads, Reflector

This quest won’t appear on your map at first, you need to follow a few steps in order to unlock it. First, talk to your grandfather at his secret base in the past. It’s time for some hero training! In this minigame tap the screen as the outline closes in on the logo. It’s simple enough but watch out at the end because you’ll suddenly have a few outlines appear right after the other that can trip you up. When this is complete, a girl will appear with a quest. The player quickly realises that it’s their grandmother!

Talk to your grandma and she’ll say that she needs to run some errands in Springdale and would like some help. Your granddad turns her down but quickly changes his tune when you and her will go into town anyway. He says he remembered he was supposed to go in there for something anyway, but it’s obvious he has a cute little crush.

Meet the others at Harrisville Station – you’re the last one there and are dubbed a rotten egg. Bummer. When you all arrive in Springdale the first stop is Timers N More so grandma can get a watch repaired. Head over there but keep in mind that stores are only open during the day in the past.

Next on the agenda is the homeware store to buy a pot. Head to Galleria Boulevard (Flower Road) and talk to grandma up the north end of the area. After she buys more than she was expecting, grandma decides she needs to buy a souvenir from the big city to give her family. The player recommends some donuts from the specialty donut shops. Head over to the donut stores that are just to the south-east of the boulevard. Grandma must now face a decision that has caused many a conflict before – Soul Donuts or Spirit Donuts!? …she makes the decision easy by buying both. Huh.

Before she leaves the city she wants to make an offering at the shrine, so you all need to head up to Mt. Wildwood. MAKE SURE TO SAVE AT THIS POINT! You’re about to take on a really tough boss. When you get to the shrine you all give thanks, but grandpa rushes everyone out early because he’s bored. As you all turn to leave, a giant Yo-kai appears! Is it the mountain spirit, enraged by grandpa’s disrespect!?, it’s just after your donuts.

Infinipea is an incredibly tough boss who can prove troublesome even if you’re above the recommended level. He consists of 6 eye-pods (hehe) laid out in a round circle, with 3 of them being active at the one time. As you rotate your watch, Infinipea will rotate in the opposite direction. Each eye has its own elemental weakness, here’s what they are starting at the tail and going counter-clockwise to its head.

Ice – Lightning – Wind – Fire – Water – Earth

During the battle, each eye can inspirit the other eyes, giving them stat boosts. When an eye does this, it will close and can no longer be targeted. Closed eyes can slowly begin to open while they’re one of the three active eyes so try to keep closed eyes out of the field of play. This is easier said than done though because Infinipea will constantly inspirit your Yo-kai with poison or confusion effects, so you’ll need to keep cycling around to purify them.

When you finally get beyond Infinipea, it will be nighttime and everyone decides to go home after having a fun day. The player has enjoyed witnessing the first of his grandparents’ many outings together.

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