Independent Study, Pt 1

Yo-kai Watch 2: Psychic Specters

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Level – 17

Experience – 240

Reward – A Serious Life

To start this quest, find Chelsea and Sarah in the Springdale Elementary library, which can be found on the third floor. They’re researching Old Springdale for a project and need a photo of the old school. To be precise, a black and white photo from a high angle while it’s daytime and sunny. Despite not having completed their own homework, the player agrees to help.

First, go get a black and white camera from Tortoise Cameras, which can be found south of Springdale Central Station in Downtown Springdale. The store owner is so impressed by your interest in photography that he lets you take his own black and white camera.

Now in order to get a good photo you’re going to need to be able to climb a flagpole. To train up to be able to do this, head to the school in the present and climb the flagpole in the playground. If you can make it all the way up, fantastic! Skip the rest of this paragraph. If your character gets too tired to make it, then sleep in your bed til the next day and try again. Keep this up until they can make it all the way to the top of the flagpole. There’s some funny interactions that can happen when you climb to the top, so make sure to come back on other days and climb it again.

Now that you’re super fit, travel back in time to Old Springdale. Go to where Springdale Elementary is located in the present and you’ll find an old elementary school. Climb the flagpole here and grab a photo – but make sure it’s a sunny day first. Now head back to the present and return to the camera store to get your photo developed. Speaking from experience, you don’t want to forget that step and have to travel all the way to the school library only to find you don’t actually have the photo…

With a photo in hand, return to the library and give the girls the photo. They’ll give you 5 lottery tickets as thanks and Whisper will laugh at you over the fact that you seem to be super willing to do everyone’s homework for them.

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