A Real Charmer

Yo-kai Watch 2: Psychic Specters

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Level – 19

Exp – 381

Reward – Fairy Ring, Support Special, Jumbo Parfait

Outside the entrance to Excellent Tower you’ll see a boy with a quest flag above his head. Anime watchers will recognise him as the human form of Kyubi, a powerful Yo-kai. Talk to him and he’ll reveal that he is indeed Kyubi and needs 100 Kyubi Orbs in order to evolve into a Greater Kyubi. He’s already found 90 so you only need to help him find 10. To get these orbs you need to introduce Kyubi to people he can charm. These people are only marked with a ‘!’ above their heads, so they won’t show up as quest objectives on the map which is a pain. Go talk to these people”

  • Zoe and Lina in the library on the third floor of Springdale Elementary
  • Granny Edna in the Blossom Heights candy shop
  • Kumamon’s guide (I found her outside Blossom Heights Station but she might move around the place)
  • Mrs. Stone in Breezy Hills (her house is way, way up in the north-east of the area)
  • The owner of the cafe in Downtown Springdale
  • The cashier in the Downtown burger joint
  • Ms. frost in Frostia’s Place (a lit-up building amongst the Downtown restaurants that’s only open at night)
  • The owner of the bakery in Uptown Springdale
  • The receptionist at the hot springs (opens at night)
  • OPTIONAL – Take him to Diana Gately in the museum vault for a fun interaction

Whisper says you should find another 10 orbs to get into Kyubi’s good books but I turned the quest in just fine with these 10. If you’ve found any people not listed here then let us know and we can get a full list going!

Turn in the orbs to Kyubi and he’ll give you a Love-Packed Rice Ball. Wow… thanks… Now go to the Crank-A-Kai machine on a clear night, where Kyubi’s master will show up in disguise and chastise him for cheating and causing a ruckus in his town. Kyubi sets off for another town where he’ll earn all 100 orbs on his own this time.

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