Legendary Legacy

Yo-kai Watch 2: Psychic Specters

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Level – 65

Exp – 4500

Reward – Hidden Hits x2

This quest can be a bit tricky to find because it needs you to trigger it with an event before it’s marked on the map. Head to the temple at Harrisville, where you’ll see a group of Predictabull with exclamation marks over their heads. They’re shocked that the Predictabull ‘statue’ that was here is now gone, and are upset because they believed it to be an important part of their pilgrimage for Smashibull. This unlocks access to Scarfit Downs Station, which is apparently another key site in the pilgrimage.

You can get to Scarfit Downs from Harrisville Station, just make sure the train is going the right direction. When you’re there you’ll find the Predictabull again and they’ll tell you more about the legend of Smashibull. He created the Ethereal Water that lets Predictabull evolve into their greater form. There’s a snatch though, because he’s an ancient Yo-kai who hasn’t been around in a long time so you can’t just meet him and gain knowledge from him. He’s from so long ago that you can’t even use Miradox to find him 60 years in the past. You’ll need to find a way to travel HUNDREDS of years into the past. How to manage that, I wonder?

Well you’ll need Dame Dedtime’s comb which can be gotten from the Tamer of Time quest. You don’t need to clear it, you just need to play through it until you’re given this item. Once you’ve got this item you’ll be able to use a new Miradox to travel even further back in time. First, travel back in time to Old Springdale and go to the station. To the west of the entrance you’ll find a new Miradox who you need to give the comb to so that they can send you back to the Sengoku Period.

Once you’ve arrived there, head north to the castle courtyard and then use your lens to scan the well. Smashibull will appear, so talk to him. He’s not convinced you’re from the future and so he quizzes you about future events as a test.

  • Shogun Waitington will soon engage in battle, will he win, lose or draw? – Lose
  • What causes the dispute between the Bony Spirits and Fleshy Souls factions? – Donuts
  • Who will take Enma’s place as ruler of the Yo-kai World? – McKraken

Content with the result, Smashibull will reveal that he’s crafting the Ethereal Water using the water from this well, but he needs a drink from the future to complete it – Godlike Future Water. What he needs is VoltXtreme. If you don’t have any on you then go find a red vending machine in the present and keep buying drinks from it. Eventually a VoltXtreme will randomly drop out. Take it to Smashibull and he’ll drink it. He gets overexcited by it and will challenge you to battle. He can hit hard, as well as heal himself and boost his strength, but he’s nothing to worry about really.

After the battle he’ll entrust you with the very first Ethereal Water ever made.He wants to leave a legacy for all other Predictabulls so that they know they can achieve great things like he has.

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