Independent Study, Pt. 2

Yo-kai Watch 2: Psychic Specters

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Level – 24

Exp – 562

Reward – Silver Tag

After at least a day has passed since the first Independent Study quest, you can find Chelsea and Sarah at Flower Road. They decided that they want a section in their project comparing Flower Road in the past and present (but 60 years ago it was called Galleria Boulevard). They need you to find another photo for them, of Galleria Boulevard during the day when lots of customers are about.

You can use the same camera as the last quest so just travel back in time and go to the boulevard. Head to the south end of the shops and interact with the empty space where the quest marker is on the map and you’ll take the photo. Travel back to the present and get the photo developed at Tortoise Cameras (south of Central Station in case you forgot).

Take the photo back to the girls and Sarah will give you a quiz on Galleria Boulevard to see if she can stump you. Here’s a list of the questions and answers, but don’t worry if you get one wrong because you have unlimited attempts.

  • What was the old name of Superior Style? – Hi-Color Boutique
  • What sort of shop did Toys iZ We used to be? – Sweetshop
  • Which animal does the shop-protecting spirit take the form of? – Fox
  • Which shop no longer exists? – Beeline Electrical
  • Which of these shops didn’t relocate after a fire? – Greene’s Greens

The girls are so impressed that they give you 10 lottery tickets and 10 dancing stars as a reward.

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