Getting Gera Gera Going

Yo-kai Watch 2: Psychic Specters

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Level – 60

Exp – 4200

Reward – Platinum Doll

Now that you’ve gotten to Gera Gera Land, talk to Dimmy at the entrance and show them your pass. Enter the park and talk to Cupistol at the entrance gate and wander into a magical world of… broken rides!? Turns out the park’s engineer, Signition, has been slacking off and now the rides have no power. You need to go on a long and arduous journey to find him, but you’ll learn about the resort’s different features along the way.

First, head to the northeast area of the park, past a ride adorned with tongues all over it, where you’ll find a curved path leading into the area underneath the Kaibuki Theatre. Once you’re in here, head to the centre room where the flag is on your map and talk to Kabuking, the park’s owner. He tells you that Signition has likely gone to Paradise Springs, and gives you a ticket to get there. Head back to the train station and wait for a train that says it’s heading to Paradise Springs Station, then board it. You can talk to the Yo-kai on the train if you like, but to progress just head to the front carriage (head north) and talk to the Strangineer and say you’d like to get off.

Just like with the entrance to Gera Gera Land you need to leave the station and talk to Dimmy at the entrance. Show them your pass and you’ll be let into the hot springs. Talk to Mermaidyn at the reception and you’ll find that Signition isn’t here either! Aye aye aye! He’s gone to the restaurant at Wolfit Down and she’ll only give you a ticket to get there if you wash a stink spirit. Wait, no, that’s something else. She wants you to help prepare the baths for the springs’ Yo-kai guests. Head upstairs and go over to the right of the building where Mermaidyn is waiting for you, and she’ll explain how the baths work when you talk to her. Use the pass she gives you on the statue that’s right there, and the spring will fill up. Unfortunately Mermaidyn has lost the passes for the other baths so you’ll need to go looking for them. Be careful as you wander around the springs because there’s some tough Yo-kai encounters around here, so you’ll want some strong Yo-kai with you.

First head to the northeast area of the room, through the spiraling maze-like structure. There’s a statue with a glowing item on it, but that’s not important – check out the blue sparkle on the ground. That’s the Lucky Bath Pass, so pick it up. Next up is the Hill Bath Pass. To find this, backtrack a bit and make your way to the northern end of the room – the pass is a blue sparkle on the ground, next to the Mountain and Heavenly baths. Head to the Lucky Bath that’s at the western end of the room, and use your pass to fill it up. Some Yo-kai will start bathing in it. Talk to Hissfit and they’ll fight you to vent some anger, and when you win you’ll get the Heavenly Bath Pass. Go down the nearby slide (wheee) and fill up the Hill Bath that’s north of the base, which will reveal the Treasure Bath Pass. Head back to the northern end of the room where you found the Hill Bath Pass on the ground, and fill up the Heavenly Bath. You’ll need to sit down in this bath by walking around in it until you can interact with an empty space. After enduring the heat you’ll be given the Mountain Bath Pass. That bath is just to the left, so fill it up and pick up the Wanderer’s Bath Pass. Go back to the base of the slide and fill the bath there, and then fill up the final bath by interacting with the statue that’s at the southern entrance to the maze-like structure. It’s a bit hidden, but now you know it’s there you should be able to find it pretty easily. It’s worth noting that if you head to the west side of the room, you’ll find two doors – head through the lower of the two to open a shortcut to the Kaibuki Theatre Underground, which will come in handy later.

Go back to the reception and talk to Mermaidyn and she’ll give you the ticket you need to get to Wolfit Down, so head back to the train station and wait for the train heading there. Once again you can talk to the Yo-kai on the train or end the journey by talking to the Strangineer. Head out from Wolfit Down Station and you’ll find a Dimmy at the entrance of this area of the resort too. You know the routine by now, show them your pass and go inside. Talk to Jumbelina and she’ll tell you Signition is at the back of the restaurant. We’ve finally got him! Start making your way towards the back, but watch out for angry Yo-kai diners who are picking fights.

Once you pass through a curtain you’ll enter the kitchen. In here you’ll need to sneak past the Oni chefs by hiding behind the scenery until they turn around. This is easy enough at first, but as you progress further into the kitchen you’ll need to observe the Oni’s patterns. They’ll alternate between short and long periods of turning their backs to you, so make sure you only move on when you know they’re turning for the long period. Eventually you’ll get all the way to the end where Signition is waiting. Speak to him, and prepare for a… civil discourse? Huh, that was simple. You’ll now need to go back to Gera Gera Land, but don’t worry because there’s a shortcut – exit the kitchen through the curtain door and then head west. You’ll end up in a passageway linking to the Kaibuki Theatre Underground. Exit the theatre and head to the centre of the park, where you can watch Signition bring the park to life.

And with that, you’re done! You’ll be told that Mermaidyn wants to speak with you (you can go visit her to participate in some special battles) and also that Kabuking wants to see you as well. Let’s go talk to him to start the next quest.

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