Getting to Gera Gera

Yo-kai Watch 2: Psychic Specters

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Level – 55

Exp – 3800

Reward – Cursed Shield

To start off this quest and unlock access to the Gera Gera Resort, you need to talk to Leggly outside the protagonist’s house. They’ll give you a letter that says you’ve won a ticket for the Hexpress Gera Gera Tour! Turns out Whisper used your name to enter the contest without telling you. You’ll get a Hexpress Pass which lets you catch the Hexpress to Gera Gera Resort. To get there you’ll first need to take a Fox Line train to the newly unlocked Whimsy Valley Station. The Fox Line trains leave from Springdale Central Station and Sunshine Station so catch one and stay on it past Sunshine Station and you’ll get to Whimsy Valley Station. Wait there for a big red train with a creepy face on it, which you can catch to Gera Gera Station.

But it’s not going to be that simple because you find out that that the train can’t stop! Talk to the Strangineer right near your starting position on the train and you’ll find out that someone has taken the train’s brake handle! It’s not quite a murder on the Hexpress, but that’s still not good. You’ll need to talk to the Yo-kai on the train to find clues pointing to the suspect, but some of them will want to pick a fight. On the first carriage talk to Draggie and Mynimo, then head to the next carriage. On this carriage you’ll need to talk to Rhyth, Flushback, Duchoo and Lafalotta. Head to the final carriage and talk to Yoink, accusing them of being the thief. After that, return to the Strangineer at the front carriage and he’ll tell you to talk to the train’s driver and receive your reward. But something seems a bit fishy. Hmm.

Head through the door in front of you into the engine room where you’ll meet the driver/engine of the train, Headasteam. They mistake you for the thief and attack you! Boss battle time! Headasteam is pretty tough because they can regularly attack your whole party at once and inspirit multiple Yo-kai at once. If you get inspirited by their steam you could get a drop in Speed or start ticking away HP. Target the main body to deal damage, but watch out because certain attacks will fill up Headasteam’s power gauges – physical attacks power up the red gauge and elemental attacks fill up the blue one. If the gauges get too full then Headasteam can drain them to get boosts on their attacks, so to stop that you need to throw a targeting pin at the valve matching the colour of the gauge. One tap normally isn’t always enough to make sure to keep tapping the valve until the gauge is empty. Watch out for Headasteam’s Soultimate attack, “Time’s Up! Explode!” because it deals heavy damage to all frontline Yo-kai. Persevere long enough and you’ll come out on top, earning a crazy amount of experience and a Mega Exporb for your trouble.

Clear up the misunderstanding with Headasteam and go back to talk to the Strangineer. You’ll get the Happy Go Lucky Pass which will grant you passage into Gera Gera Land. Once the train has pulled into the station, make an exit and the quest is complete!

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