You Can Use a Glitch to Reset Your Creation Crystal’s Class in Skylanders Imaginators

Skylanders Imaginators - Reset Creation Crystal Battle Class

Choosing a Battle Class is no longer a ‘Final Decision’. Skylanders Imaginators has only been out for a day worldwide, but fans over at the darkSpyro forums have already found a way to overcome one of the most stupid design decisions in any Toys to Life game.

Imaginators has introduced two new features into the franchise – Creation Crystals & Battle Classes. Creation Crystals allow you to create your own Imaginator Skylander, and as such choose their Battle Class that determines the bulk of their moveset. While the creation system is very in-depth and really fun to use, one thing has irked fans the most – Battle Classes can’t be reset on Creation Crystals.

At $10.95 RRP, once you chose 1 of 10 classes, that’s it. No resets. No do-overs. The game even warns you this is a “Final Decision”. With the crystals working via the packaging, and eventual trade-ins happening, you’re not going to be able to get a complete custom experience years down the line… That is, unless you have a 3DS handy.

This only works in the very first Skylanders 3DS game (also known as Spyro’s Adventure) when placing the Crystal on the portal (any of the 4 3DS portals work, I used Swap Force’s portal). It will, instead of telling you “This Toy cannot be used with this game” (which is the standard response for time-travelling Skylanders), say “A Toy on the portal of power has a problem. Reset this Skylander?”. Incredibly, and albeit stupidly, this completely resets the Crystal.

As you can see in the video below, my Dark Creation Crystal (currently unavailable outside of the Dark Edition Stater Pack) gets reset numerous times no matter how little/much creation you do to your Skylander. This will also work on the other 9 Elements, across all 32 Creation Crystals available. It’s highly unlikely Activision will patch a 5 year old game, but possibly may re-work the Crystals in later production batches.

With Spyro’s Adventure currently only $9 on EB Games’ website (albeit without the portal) this is a fairly safe way to ensure longevity of your Crystals. If you don’t have a 3DS portal, you can also buy a pre-owned copy of Trap Team for one (or scour eBay, of course).

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