Pearl and Marina amiibo Functionality Revealed

Pearl and Marina amiibo Exclusive Gear

UPDATE (17/07/18) – Added in video footage of the amiibo

The Japanese Splatoon Twitter account has revealed what you can do with the Pearl and Marina amiibo that are launching next week on July 13th. These amiibo will unlock quite a few neat things in Splatoon 2!

First of all, you can unlock new gear with them just like with the other Splatoon amiibo. The Pearl and Marina amiibo will unlock the characters’ costumes that they wear during the events of the Octo Expansion for the Splatoon 2 singleplayer mode. What fresh style!

Just like with the other Splatoon amiibo you’ll be able to take photos of your Inkling with Pearl and Marina in various locations. You can change their outfits between their regular ones and the ones they wear during the Octo Expansion. What’s special about these amiibo is that if you tap them during a Splatfest, you’ll be able to take photos with Pearl and Marina up on the main Splatfest stage!

Finally, these amiibo will unlock new functionality in the Squid Beatz minigame. You’ll be able to switch the minigame into Pearl mode or Marina mode, which will change the game’s sounds and appearance to match the respective character. Take a look at these in action below:

The Pearl and Marina amiibo launch together in a double pack on July 13th in Australia. Splatoon 2 and the Octo Expansion are available for purchase now.

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