First Details on WarioWare Gold’s amiibo Functions

WarioWare Gold for Nintendo 3DS

UPDATE (19/07/18) – Added the Japanese overview trailer

We’ve known WarioWare Gold will have some form of amiibo support due to the amiibo logo being visible on the boxart, however there weren’t any details available on what this support would actually be. But the WarioWare Gold demo that went up on the eShop today has given us a little information on what your amiibo can do in the game.

In an overview video that you can watch in the demo, it mentions a feature called “Wario’s amiibo Sketch”.

While the video doesn’t give any details on what this means, if you view the demo’s manual it says a little more:

“If you’ve got any amiibo, you can head over to something called “Wario’s amiibo Sketch” in the “Misc.” section of the Toy Room, and I’ll personally draw you a picture that matches whatever amiibo you scan. My artistic skills will bowl you over!”

It also mentions that you can use each amiibo once per day, with up to three different amiibo per day.

So it’s still not super clear what your amiibo will do, but since it’s mentioned in the Toy Room section I’d say Wario’s amiibo Sketch is a souvenir like those that appeared in past WarioWare games. These were little interactive toys that you could goof around with, like in WarioWare Touched! there were things like a piano you could play by touching the keys on the touch screen, and a ball in a pipe that you could push into the air by blowing into the microphone. Don’t expect anything too major but Wario will probably draw some funny images that relate to the character whose amiibo you scan in some way. Rest assured, once we get our hands on the game we’ll scan all the amiibo we can to see what they do.

UPDATE: If you skip to 3:08 in the Japanese overview trailer for the game, you can get a quick look at this functionality in action. It looks to be exactly what we predicted.

WarioWare Gold releases on July 28th in Australia for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems.


Thanks Aaron for the heads up!

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