LEGO Dimensions E3 Recap

LEGO Dimensions E3

E3 has come and gone for another year, and there was a heap of exciting stuff shown both in and out of Toys to Life. LEGO Dimensions was one of the bigger presences in the genre, with a heap of reveals and streams showing off the new content coming to the game over the next year. It can be hard to track down everything, so we’ve compiled a variety of streams and interviews from the big outlets and summarised the main points in case you’re not able to watch them all. Arthur Parsons and James McLoughlin are co-directors of this new content, and were the main faces of the game at the show. If you haven’t already, check out the official reveal of the new content for a list of new franchises being added.

3 Developers at E3


  • 16 NEW IPs being added
  • 21 Battle Arenas, each with their own unique weapon, traps, and interactions
  • Story Packs let you play through the entirety of the movie they’re based on

YouTube Live


We’ve got screenshots of this stream in an earlier article.

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