The Second Wave of Super Mario amiibo Actually Exists!

Super Mario amiibo

UPDATE: American release details replaced with True Blue Aussie ones (Thanks Vooks)

Yes, you read that correctly! Those extra Super Mario series amiibo that had been spotted in Mario Party 10 promotional footage haven’t actually been forgotten about, and they’re bringing some friends! Many people will no doubt be glad that Waluigi is getting the respect he deserves, but also of note is the glow-in-the-dark Boo amiibo, and the amiibo debut of Princess Daisy. These amiibo will be releasing in two batches here – the first will launch alongside a new Mario Party game, Mario Party Star Rush, on October 8th. This batch contains Boo, Donkey Kong, Rosalina and Wario. Then on November 5th you’ll be able to buy Waluigi, Diddy Kong and Daisy. There’s not many details on Mario Party Star Rush other than its existence at the moment, but its presumed that these new figures will function in it (and possibly in Mario Party 10 as well).

Super Mario amiibo Wave 2

Nintendo will be showing off Mario Party Star Rush in their Treehouse stream tomorrow, so we’ll keep you posted on any details that arise about these amiibo’s compatibility. The release dates for these amiibo and Mario Party will be added to our calendar.

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