Bargain Alert – Skylanders Imaginators Discounts @ Target and Big W

Skylanders Imaginators

If you’re looking for still searching for some Skylander Stocking Stuffers this season, then Big W and Target have some deals you might be interested in! Big W’s deals are the better ones, but weirdly enough they’re… not actually advertising them anywhere, so I found out about these from Dark Spyro. They’ve got 50% off off most Skylanders Imaginators toys, resulting in $9.50 Senseis, $5 Creation Crystals, and $3 Imaginite Chests. This deal doesn’t apply to Adventure Packs. Don’t forget that Big W has an exclusive Legendary Pit Boss Sensei figure, but there’s reports of them not having all Wave 3 Senseis shipped to them.

Target have theirs being advertised in their catalogue. You’ll be able to get 3 Senseis for $30, $6 Creation Crystals and $4 Imaginite Chests. They’ve also got stock of their exclusive Combo Packs featuring Pain-Yatta and Dr. Krankcase, but these seem to only be available online. This deal will run until Janurary 2nd 2017.

Skylanders Imaginators - 3 Senseis for $30 @ Target

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