Skylanders Imaginators – Crash Bandicoot Content, Playable Kaos, and More!

Dr. Cortex in Skylanders

UPDATE: Added official trailer and Australian details

Gamescom has only just begun, and we’re already getting a heap of Toys to Life news. It was leaked earlier this week that Neo Cortext from the Crash Bandicoot series would be playable in Skylanders Imaginators, and bundled in the PlayStation-exclusive Crash Edition. He has now been officially revealed, and not only will this edition of the game include two Crash Bandicoot characters, but it will also come with a bonus Crash Bandicoot-themed level called Thumpin’ Wumpa Islands. But if you weren’t planning on getting the game on a PlayStation platform then don’t fret, as this Crash Bandicoot content is only a timed exclusive for 30 days. Afterwards, you’ll be able to purchase the Thumpin’ Wumpa Islands Adventure Pack, which comes with Crash, Cortex, and the Crash-themed level. It’ll retail for $39.95 here, and $29.95 in the US.

Details were also given on how Crash and Cortex fit into the game’s plot. A special event has caused the world of Skylands and the Wumpa Islands to come into alignment, and Spyro and Mags attend a special Celebration between the two worlds. However, they discover that the evil Dr. Cortex is attempting to use this event to his advantage. Something goes wrong with his plan, forcing he and Crash to team up with the Skylanders before the Wumpa Islands get erased from existence.

Another reveal is one that will be exciting for long-time Skylanders fans – the main antagonist of the series, Kaos, will be playable in Imaginators! “How does that work!?” you ask? Well it turns out that when Kaos found the magic that allowed him to create the evil Skylanders you’ll fight in this game (called Doomlanders), his ego got the better of him. He figured that the one thing that the Skylanders could never defeatwas himself, and so the first thing he created was a clone of himself. However, it turns out his clone didn’t want to share victory with the real Kaos, and so teamed up with the Skylanders to defeat his own creator. Kaos doesn’t belong to any of the Elements or Classes that other Skylanders belong to, and instead draws a bunch of moves from each Battle Class instead. In the US Kaos will be a guaranteed bonus if you preorder the game and while stocks last if you purchase the game at launch without pre-ordering, and we now have confirmation that this will be the same in Australia. This should apply to all retailers selling the game, but knowing Australian retail you’ll want to confirm with the store you preorder or purchase at to make sure they know there’s actually a deal on. EB Games are now listing Kaos as a bonus on their site, for both the Standard and Dark Editions. UPDATE: It looks like Target pre-orders won’t come with Kaos

Activision have now released an official overview trailer that provides some visual details on the new additions and a giant guacamole monster. The character customisation seems to offer plenty of options, so your Imaginators should be much different from everyone else’s. It also mentions ‘Imaginite Mystery Chests’ which sounded like in-game collectibles, but appear to be more toys that can be purchased? We’ll have to wait for new details.

Finally, a series of new Sensei Skylanders have been revealed. These characters are the new figures that will release for Imaginators that can grant new powers and abilities to your custom-made Skylanders. The line-up consists of a mix of new characters and series villains who’ve turned over a new leaf. Backstories of these characters are available from Skylanders Character List, but we’ve included a gallery of images below.

Skylanders Imaginators will launch on October 13th on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Wii U (no Wii version this year!). This date, and more, can be found in our calendar.

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