Peter Pan Infinity Figure Concept Art

Peter Pan Infinity

UPDATE: It’s been requested that we don’t link to the artist’s portfolio, and as such we have removed references to it

It’s nice to still have a reason to post about Disney Infinity even though the game has been cancelled. Custom figure creator Raynaldo Perez on Twitter stumbled upon concept art for the Peter Pan Infinity figure that was scheduled to release later this year.

It’s always bittersweet finding out what was in store for us in Infinity, but especially so with Peter. The Peter Pan figurine was the “Toy Box Artist’s Choice” that was voted for by participants in last year’s Toy Box Summit in LA. They were given the chance to choose a character to be added to the game as thanks to the community for all they do for the game. The game being cancelled before he released was a little heartbreaking because of this.

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