Unkeen: Origins

Yo-kai Watch 2: Psychic Specters

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This quest requires you to have completed Tamer of Time and spoken to Dame Deartime afterwards. You will also not be able to encounter the Elite Wicked Yo-kai unless it is nighttime.

Level – 80

Exp – 6600

Reward – Essence of Evil

In order to find Unkeen, head to the Business Tower in Downtown Springdale. You will need to have solved the Baffle Board outside the tower, just east of it. The answer is ‘Illoo’, so input that and then call Illoo to the board. This will unlock two hidden floors in the building.

Go to the fourth floor of the building and you will find Unkeen in the north-west room. Talk to him and he will tell you the story of how he came to be born from the fury in Dedtime’s heart. You will have the chance to battle and befriend him, but you can only do this once per real-world day so you’re better off soft resetting until you successfully befriend him. Go to the Everymart Downtown and save, as it’s the closest save point, and then return to fight Unkeen.

Unkeen’s favourite food is curry, so make sure to have some Buster Curry before you fight him. In order to boost your chances of befriending him, bring along a Yo-kai who can inspirit him and then use the Poke function of the Model Zero watch. Keep poking around the circle until love hearts appear, and then rapidly tap that spot. Unkeen isn’t too tough to beat but he can deal quite a lot of damage with a single hit. He’s of the Voltage attribute so bring along a Yo-kai who can hit him with some heavy Earth attribute attacks.

If you win the battle and don’t befriend him, quit to the title screen and try again. Repeat the process until you recruit him and then the quest will be completed.

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