Unkaind: Origins

Yo-kai Watch 2: Psychic Specters

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This quest requires you to have completed Tamer of Time and spoken to Dame Deartime afterwards. You will also not be able to encounter the Elite Wicked Yo-kai unless it is nighttime.

Level – 80

Exp – 6600

Reward – Essence of Evil

Unkaind can be found in Springdale Elementary at the back of the first floor. Here’s some directions on how to get there, starting from the entrance. First, head left and go up the stairs. Then head right until you reach the science room. Don’t enter the room, and instead head north. Follow the path around to the left and go down the stairs at the end. You’ll be able to see Unkaind once you’ve gotten down the stairs.

Talk to Unkaind and you’ll discover that she was born from Dedtime’s frustration at being held captive. You will now have the ability to battle her and attempt to befriend her, but first go and save at the school’s entrance and make sure you’re prepared for the battle.

Unkaind likes seafood, so make sure to buy some Choice Tuna from San Fantastico. In order to boost your chances of befriending her, bring along a Yo-kai who can inspirit her and then use the Poke function of the Model Zero watch. Keep poking around the circle until love hearts appear, and then rapidly tap that spot. Unkaind will hit you with Water attribute attacks and is weak to Lightning attribute ones. She can heal herself with her Soultimate, so watch out.

If you win the battle and don’t befriend her, quit to the title screen and try again. Repeat the process until you recruit him and then the quest will be completed.

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