Skylanders Battlecast Shuts Down This Week

Skylanders Battlecast

This is your last call to finish what you can in Skylanders Battlecast because the game is being shut down as of September 1st (no mention of a timezone though). When you open the game you’ll be greeted with a message saying the game will be unplayable after the shutdown date, and in the meantime all in-game booster packs are free. Yep, you can just go to the in-game store and redeem as many free cards as you want, it’s wild.

Skylanders Battlecast - Shutdown

It’s an unfortunate consequence of Games As A Service that a game you’ve put time and money into can just go kaput and not be played anymore. Battlecast was an enjoyable spin-off that unfortunately didn’t get the support it deserved, and was left to slowly die off. Thankfully for people who did enjoy the game, Activision have provided instructions for how to play the game with physical cards. So at least your physical cards won’t totally go to waste, even if play does become more complicated without the automation the game provides.

Were you an avid Battlecast player? Will you miss the game?

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