Download the Pokken Tournament DX Demo Tomorrow

Pokken Tournament DX

Nintendo have confirmed that a demo of Pokken Tournament DX will be available tomorrow (Thursday 24th of August) on the Switch eShop. We don’t have an exact time but it will be available in America at 9pm PT on Wednesday the 23rd, so if we get it the same time then it should be up around 2pm Thursday AEST.

Fighting games are a bit of a niche genre, so it’s good that people will be able to give it a try before release. I found the original game on Wii U to be one of the more accessible fighters out there and you get to play as Croagunk this time around, so definitely give the demo a shot. Pokken Tournament DX is an enhanced port of the original game featuring new playable and support Pokemon as well as a new battle mode, and will release on September 22nd in Australia.

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