Don’t Worry, the LEGO Dimensions Update Hasn’t Deleted Your Year 2 Progress – Here’s How the Process Works

LEGO Dimensions - Save Data Being Erased?

UPDATE (14/02/17): A potential fix has been brought to our attention by Erik in the comments, and we’ve had additional reports to back it up. It turns out that occasionally when you update the add-on packs from the main menu, the game doesn’t actually remove the old version so you end up with duplicates of the same pack. This confuses the game and causes issues. To fix this, check your system’s storage (the exact steps vary by console) to see if any of the add-on packs appear twice. Delete the older version and you should be good to go! To prevent this in the future, don’t hit the ‘Upgrade’ button in the Add-On Content menu. Instead, delete the pack and re-download it. This should prevent the duplication issue.

UPDATE (07/02/17): There’s been a few updates released for the game since this was posted (including a new one today!), some of which HAVE been causing issues with people’s save data. Unfortunately I can’t offer a fix, but one thing that might be worth trying is deleting the add-on content for the packs whose progress has been wiped (for example if you’ve had your Adventure Time level progress wiped, delete the Adventure Time add-on pack). To find this option, go through the same steps listed below, but hit the Delete button instead of the Upgrade button. Then redownload the pack and see if that fixes your issue. But please, make regular back-ups of your save data because the game has gotten incredibly unstable as of late and you don’t want to lose all your progress.

Original story:

The update that adds in the upcoming Wave 7 content to LEGO Dimensions came out this week, and it’s caused a bit of a hubbub. One of the most infamous issues plaguing LEGO Dimensions is that of lost progress and corrupted saves – there’s numerous reports of people losing some of their progress in the game or their save file becoming totally inaccessible altogether. It was one that fans were hoping would be alleviated by the most recent update, but at first glimpse this update seemingly makes things worse, with all your progress in the Year 2 packs being wiped! Fear not though, because (in most instances) this is just the game failing to properly communicate the way its update procedures work. While I won’t say that 100% of the reported issues are fixable (the game doesn’t have a great track record, let’s be honest) there’s a lot of miscommunication due to the game not really explaining how its new update works. It really looks like your progress in Year 2 packs has been wiped, but most of these reports of lost data can be easily fixed using these steps. Let’s talk our way through it, shall we?

The first key thing to note is that you must back-up your save data. Not even because of this update, but because it’s so easy for your Dimensions save to get corrupted that you’ll have a really bad time if you don’t regularly back-up your save. The procedure for doing so differs from console to console, but all the information you need is out there. This way, if the update does do something iffy to your progress (knock on wood) then you can revert to your complete save.

So when you boot up the game after updating, you’re presented with this incredibly ominous message:

LEGO Dimensions - Save Data Update Message

It sure didn’t fill me with confidence after hearing all the reports of lost data! What this does is make your save compatible with the latest version of the game. It has never asked to do this for previous versions, but you have to do it to play the game.

Now, once you’ve done this and you’re excited to jump back into the game, you might have noticed something shocking when attempting to play any of the Wave 6 packs – levels are missing from the level select, and it’s not showing any of your progress! Oh no! And you can’t play any of the worlds or levels! What’s going on!?

LEGO Dimensions - Missing Progress

Well, it turns out that individual packs get their own updates now in addition to the game itself. So you get to download all 10 gigabytes or so of add-on content all over again to get the most up to date versions… yay? If you plunk down any of the Wave 6 toys on the Toy Pad you’ll be told there’s an update available for that pack. Why it doesn’t alert you to this before you load your save, I don’t know, but yes there’s updates to download. To get them all, quit to the game’s main menu, and then head to the Options menu. Near the bottom of the list there’ll be an option for Add-On Content, which will take you to this menu

LEGO Dimensions - Updating Packs

You’ll notice that the Wave 6 packs will prompt you to Upgrade them. Do so, and it’ll trigger the download for the updated pack. As each pack’s update is completed, you’ll once again be able to play it in the game. And what’s better – all your progress in that pack will have returned!

LEGO Dimensions - Recovered Progress

The process is really dumb and is giving a lot of people heart attacks over nothing, but you don’t need to worry because it seems like the lost progress is just due to the old versions of the packs not being detected by the game anymore. If it doesn’t come back… well, you have a back-up, right?

You may encounter an issue where the packs don’t update properly – you trigger the upgrade process, wait for the download to complete and install, but then… nothing. The game still tells you to upgrade it. If that’s the case, these steps from packattack may help you out.

  • Download the upgrades for all packs
  • Close the game
  • Disconnect from the internet
  • Open the game back up and try to access the packs in-game again


Hopefully that helped you and and has given you a bit of piece of mind! If you still have progress missing after the update, say something and we can all try to diagnose the legitimate issues together.

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