Images of Nemo’s Disney Infinity Figure Have Leaked


It seems like it’s practically guaranteed that an online retailer will leak new Disney Infinity details. ArtisINfinite has found an Amazon listing for a Nemo Disney Infinity figure that will be part of the Finding Dory playset for the game (the existence of which was also leaked!). There’s few details, but we can see what this figure will look like, and also that it will be bundled with two bonus power discs. These discs are the Finding Nemo skybox and texture discs released as part of the 1.0 power disc range, not new discs made for 3.0.

Nemo Infinity Box

nemo fig

There’s no price listed, so it’s unknown whether or not these discs will up the price at all. Given that the listing mentions that they’re a “bonus”, I take that as meaning they’re a freebie to add some purchase incentive. This would be a good way of distributing older discs that are harder to find now, it’ll be interesting to see if it becomes a trend with future 3.0 figures.

nemo discs

Finding Dory releases June 17th 2016 in the US, so I’d wager a release of the playset and figures sometime around then. Thursdays and Saturdays are popular release days over here, so the 16th or 18th of June would be a good bet.

UPDATE: There’s a prettier link now that leads to a full listing. It has December 30 2016 as the release date which is definitely just a placeholder.

Nemo Amazon Listing

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