Mega Man Legacy Collection – amiibo Functions and Unlocks Guide

Mega Man Legacy Collection amiibo Guide

Mega Man Legacy Collection was released a while back for the 3DS, but now it’s available for the Nintendo Switch as well. The Switch version has more features than the 3DS version, but in terms of amiibo functionality they’re both the same. Using your Mega Man amiibo you can unlock some special challenges that fans helped create as part of a contest.

Mega Man Legacy Collection amiibo

Boot up the game and at the bottom of the main menu you’ll see the amiibo option. Select that and you’ll be prompted to tap your Mega Man amiibo (regular or golden, they both unlock the same things) and when you do so you’ll unlock 11 challenge stages to play through. The amiibo option on the main menu will be replaced with an amiibo challenges option that lets you access these stages without having to tap the amiibo again.

You’ll be able to play the following 11 challenge stages, which are amiibo exclusive unlocks that are different from the challenge stages available in-game:

  • Moriarty’s Test
  • Don’t Fall!
  • Wily’s Machines
  • No Swimming Allowed
  • Ready Set Go
  • Extreme Buster Bonanza
  • Terrifying Time Trial
  • Yikes, It’s Spikes!
  • Big Big Bang
  • Fortress Fun House
  • Doc Robot Rematch

These challenge stages remix sections of levels from the first 6 Mega Man games, and as you jump between games you’ll need to use the weapons and mechanics from that particular game. For this reason they’re very challenging if you haven’t played the respective games already (and let’s be real, they still are even if you have!) so it’s not recommended that you jump immediately into these challenges right off the bat like a certain Toys to Life fansite owner did. Each stage needs to be completed within a certain time limit, and you’ll be given one of three ranks depending on how quickly you complete them.

You can check out gameplay of each stage in our YouTube playlist below:

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