LEGO Dimensions – Knight Rider Fun Pack Gameplay Overview

LEGO Dimensions - Knight Rider Fun Pack Gameplay

The Knight Rider Fun Pack for LEGO Dimensions launched in Australia last week, which unlocks a variety of new Knight Rider-themed content including, of course, a talking K.I.T.T. vehicle. Since this is only a Fun Pack, it doesn’t provide any new story content, but it does give you access to a Knight Rider Adventure World that you can roam around and a Knight Rider Battle Arena in which you can play against 4 AI or players in 4 different local multiplayer modes.

Michael Knight’s not an overly interesting character – he doesn’t possess any unique abilities, and those abilities he does possess are also in the ability pools of more useful characters. He does, however, have some pretty funny David Hasselhoff references in his dialogue. The real character of the pack is K.I.T.T., the talking car from the show. He talks just like a proper character, and has some great interactions with the game’s cast – he tells Batman that he and the Batmobile are old friends, and mentions to Doc Brown that while Doc might not need roads, K.I.T.T. would much prefer if they had them. K.I.T.T. can also be upgraded into the Goliath Armoured Semi and the K.I.T.T. Jet (no Knight Boat, unfortunately) and between his three forms he has a useful pool of abilities like lasers, electricity and flight. Michael has some humorous interactions when K.I.T.T. transforms, freaking out when K.I.T.T. suddenly becomes a semi-truck or a jet.

LEGO Dimensions Knight Rider Fun Pack - Rebuilds

The Knight Rider world contains a number of puzzles and challenges for you to complete, with a bigger focus on vehicles and combat than other worlds. Each of the new worlds contains its own signature type of collectible scattered across the map – Knight Rider‘s is a set of billboards that you need to smash through with your vehicle. The world also contains a series of quests given to you by characters in the show, and they’re much more unique and engaging than those of most other worlds. Instead of the usual character escorts and item-gathering you get to do things like compete in a stunt show and drive K.I.T.T. into the back of the F.L.A.G. semi-truck that roams around the map. You can watch these quests below.

Aside from the Adventure World, there’s also the Knight Rider Battle Arena. This arena looks deceptively small, because while at first it appears to only be a small city block, it turns out you can break through the roadblocks at the ends of the streets to open up some roads in the nearby mountains where you can have some exciting car chases against other players. The main hazards of this arena are some speeding cars who drive recklessly around the main streets – get hit by them and you’ll be taken out. Each player’s base has a few entrances, but some of these open and shut at different intervals so you might need to change your route. Once you’ve broken in you can take the risky route across the bouncy pool toys or walk around the longer way – but watch out, your opponents might have activated the defensive turrets!

The Knight Rider arena is available in all four Battle Arena modes – Capture the Flag, Objective, Tic Tag Boom and Base Bash. You can watch it be played in each of these below.

Capture the Flag


Tic, Tag, Boom!

Base Bash

So while this pack doesn’t open any new story levels, it’s definitely one of the more satisfying packs in Year 2. The more engaging quests and the vehicle-focused design of the world and battle arena makes for some fresher gameplay. K.I.T.T. is a delight to play as because of his interactions with other characters, but Michael’s a bit of a dud and is only really there because each franchise needs a minifigure.

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