Fire Emblem Warriors’ First DLC Pack Has Been Detailed

Fire Emblem Warriors - Fire Emblem Fates DLC Details


The first DLC pack that makes up Fire Emblem Warriors’ Season Pass has been detailed by Famitsu (translation via Gematsu. This DLC focuses on content from Fire Emblem Fates and will release sometime in December. It will cost $13.50 or you can buy the season pass, which contains all three DLC packs and a bonus costume, for $30. The Fire Emblem Fates DLC Pack will include the following content:

  • Azura, Niles, and Oboro as playable characters
  • 3 new History Mode maps with their own stories
  • 5 new costumes
  • 13 new Broken Armour models that will appear when the Fates characters are hit by the Armour Break ability

It looks like quite a good deal for the price, which is to be expected after the strong support both versions of Hyrule Warriors received. What a world where a character’s maid fanservice costume is more tasteful than their regular costume. Because the weapon advantage system is such a key mechanic in the game it’ll be good to have some non-mounted lance units that won’t be torn apart by archers. Although as we noted in our review it’s a bit of a slap in the face that one of said units is waved in your face throughout the game despite being DLC.

Famitsu scans via @theprinceofiris on Twitter

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