Disney Infinity Lives Again on PC with New ‘Gold Editions’

Disney Infinity Lives

Disney Infinity was cancelled earlier this year, which was heartbreaking news for its large fanbase. Some versions of the game were being made outright unplayable due to the servers being taken down, including the PC versions of the game. Thankfully, new Gold Editions of the game have been released for purchase on Steam that unlock all the characters and playsets of each respective version of the game. People who’d made any purchases in the Steam versions of each game had been contacted previously about getting a free upgrade, but those who didn’t or couldn’t take up that offer can now purchase the Gold Editions on Steam.

Disney Infinity 1.0 Gold Edition

However, there’s still some restrictions and uncertainties that will hopefully be cleared up soon. Playsets can only be played within their original games e.g. The original Marvel playsets require you to buy Infinity 2.0 and can’t be played in 3.0. Additionally, it’s unclear whether the playsets from Infinity 1.0 can actually be played, because the original release of the game only included the Toy Box creation mode and not the story modes from each playset (UPDATE: I’ve been corrected on this, apparently there were two versions of the game on PC and one did contain the playsets. Still unsure whether this new version does.). The PC release of Infinity 3.0 also never got the last two playsets (Marvel Battlegrounds and Finding Dory) as well as the last few characters, so it’s not currently known whether these have been added into the re-releases. The store pages don’t mention whether these re-releases include all the power discs from each game, but given that you won’t be able to purchase any new DLC I’d imagine they do.. The PC versions of the game also do not support local multiplayer like the console versions. I’m currently downloading the games now, so I’ll try to clear up any uncertainties (or report them if anyone finds out the info first).

Disney Infinity 2.0 Gold Edition

Assuming that all the playsets have been made available and can be played, here’s a list of which ones are contained in which game. Playsets that are italicised and marked with an asterisk are ones that I’m not 100% sure are playable.

Disney Infinity 1.0

  • Toy Story In Space*
  • Lone Ranger*
  • Pirates of the Caribbean*
  • The Incredibles*
  • Monsters University*
  • Cars*

Disney Infinity 2.0

  • The Avengers
  • Spider-Man
  • Guardians of the Galaxy
  • Escape from the Kyln (A Dungeon Crawler game mode)*
  • Brave Forest Siege (A Dungeon Crawler game mode)*

Disney Infinity 3.0

  • Twilight of the Republic (Star Wars Clone Wars playset)
  • Rise Against the Empire (Star Wars Original Trilogy playset)
  • Inside Out
  • The Force Awakens
  • Toy Box Takeover (Dungeon Crawler game mode)*
  • Toy Box Speedway (Arcade Racer game mode)*
  • Marvel Battlegrounds*
  • Finding Dory*

Disney Infinity 3.0 Gold Edition

You can buy each game individually for USD$29.99, or in a bundle for $59.99 which effectively gets you one of the games for free. Humorously, it appears somebody messed up and relisted all the old games and DLC add-ons as well as the Gold Editions, which is sure to confuse some people.

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