Detective Pikachu Heads to the West With a New amiibo

Detective Pikachu on 3DS

UPDATE (15/01/18) – Nintendo Australia have confirmed that the game and amiibo will be launching on March 24th in Australia, and we have updated the rest of the article with these details.


Detective Pikachu was a Pokemon spin-off for the 3DS that released in Japan in 2016, which saw a young boy team up with a talking Pikachu to investigate the disappearance of the boy’s father. The Pokemon Company have now announced that the game will be releasing on March 24th this year in Australia. The second chapter of the game will be releasing in Japan in March as well, and it sounds like the Western release of the game will include both chapters in one package.

This news was probably to be expected after it was announced that a Detective Pikachu movie was in the works, with Ryan Reynolds playing Pikachu, but what’s really surprising is that the game will be launching alongside a Detective Pikachu amiibo. This amiibo is much larger than a regular amiibo, and will allow you to view ‘Pika Prompts’ from the cases you’ve completed. These are hints and conversations that you can trigger during each case and since they can be missed the amiibo will come in handy. The Pokemon Company have described this amiibo as ‘limited-edition’, so you might want to grab this one as soon as you can.

Detective Pikachu amiibo

Detective Pikachu will release on March 24th for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems, and the extra-large Pikachu amiibo will launch the same day. More info on the game can be found on The Pokemon Company’s website.

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