The Captain Toad Re-Release Has Different amiibo Features to the Original Game

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker - New amiibo Functionality

The main amiibo feature of the original Captain Toad on Wii U was a hide-and-seek mode unlocked by tapping a Toad amiibo. In this mode a pixelated Toad would be hiding somewhere within a level, and you would have to find him and tap him on the GamePad screen. Nintendo has released a new Japanese trailer for the Switch and 3DS re-releases of Captain Toad which reveals that the amiibo functionality has been changed a bit (thanks Tiger for translating for us!)

The pixel Toad hide-and-seek mode returns in the re-release, however it appears that this no longer requires amiibo to play as it’s detailed in a section of the trailer unrelated to amiibo and it makes no mention of needing an amiibo. Instead, tapping the Toad amiibo will give you an invincibility power-up that will let you charge through enemies to defeat them without taking damage.

There’s additional functionality if you have the Wedding Mario, Peach and Bowser amiibo that launched alongside Super Mario Odyssey last year. The re-releases of Captain Toad contain brand new levels based on kingdoms from Super Mario Odyssey. Normally you’ll need to unlock these levels through regular gameplay, but using these amiibo will unlock them immediately for you to play through.

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker releases on July 13th 2018 for the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS family of systems.

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