amiibo Give You Weapons and Materials in Fire Emblem Warriors

Fire Emblem Warriors amiibo Support

While confirming the Fire Emblem Warriors DLC and Season Pass for the West today, Nintendo snuck in some details on the game’s amiibo usage. It looks like amiibo will be used for the same thing that they were in Hyrule Warriors – tap a compatible amiibo to get weapons and materials. The site only mentions that Fire Emblem series amiibo are compatible, including the Chrom and Tiki amiibo releasing alongside the game and also amiibo of characters who aren’t in the game like Ike. Up to five different compatible figures can be tapped per day.

Presuming it’s the exact same as Hyrule Warriors then all amiibo will be compatible except Fire Emblem ones will grant higher quality weapons and materials. Generally speaking these weren’t exclusive and were the same as random drops that could be earned in-game, but there was one exclusive weapon in the Wii U version tied to the Link amiibo.

Fire Emblem Warriors launches October 20th for Nintendo Switch and New 3DS systems.

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