All Three Powerpuff Girls Have Been Announced for LEGO Dimensions

The Powerpuff Girls LEGO Dimensions

Cartoon Network have announced their plans for a number of their franchises, including The Powerpuff Girls. One of the big announcements is that, following the premiere of the reboot’s second season, there will be two packs based on the show coming to LEGO Dimensions.

LEGO DIMENSIONS, the LEGO toy and videogame hybrid, is adding The Powerpuff Girls to its roster with a new Team Pack and Fun Pack. The Team Pack features Blossom and Bubbles minifigures, and the Fun Pack completes the team with Buttercup. Both packs give access to the Townsville Hub area where players can fly around Townsville and see sights like Pokey Oaks elementary, City Hall, Rainbow Land, the Pickle Museum and of course the girls’ home base complete with Professor Utonium’s lab.

Based on Buttercup’s leaked minifigure design and the fact that the Powerpuff Girls will have an ability similar to Supergirl’s constructs, it would appear that the Dimensions content will be based on the rebooted series rather than the original series.No date has been given for the release of these packs, but they’ll probably be in Wave 9 later this year.

It’s looking more likely now that the two level slots in the game’s menus that were removed were done so because there won’t be any more Level Packs in Year 2 after the Goonies Level Pack in Wave 8. Powerpuff Girls was one of the sure-fire bets for a Level Pack amongst the last three franchises along with Teen Titans GO!, as Beetlejuice would be hard to translate into a LEGO level. This would coincide with what Dan from Bricks to Life has said following their report that LEGO Dimensions is being phased out.

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