Unpleasant: Origins

Yo-kai Watch 2: Psychic Specters

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This quest requires you to have completed Tamer of Time and spoken to Dame Deartime afterwards. You will also not be able to encounter the Elite Wicked Yo-kai unless it is nighttime.

Level – 80

Exp – 6600

Reward – Essence of Evil

Unpleasant can be found on the third floor of Nocturne Hospital in Shopper’s Row. The closest save point is at the hospital’s entrance on the first floor, but you can’t get to the third floor from inside the building. You need to exit it and climb some vines on the west side of the building just as if you were climbing a ladder. Head up there and you’ll see the quest marker on your map. Go talk to Unpleasant and you’ll learn that he was born from Dedtime’s distrust, and that he was the mastermind behind things like the Ded Cloud. You can now battle him and attempt to befriend him, but make sure to save and prepare first.

Unpleasant likes oden, which is the hardest food to find. You can either complete the ‘Oden of the Soul’ quest line in order to purchase Top-Class Oden or you can get it as a random drop from some yo-kai in the Golden Gleaming Highway dungeon unlocked by combining all three versions of Yo-kai Watch 2. In order to boost your chances of befriending him, bring along a Yo-kai who can inspirit him and then use the Poke function of the Model Zero watch. Keep poking around the circle until love hearts appear, and then rapidly tap that spot. Unpleasant will attack you with powerful Wind attribute attacks, but he doesn’t have much HP and you can exploit his weakness to Ice attribute attacks.

If you win the battle and don’t befriend him, quit to the title screen and try again. Repeat the process until you recruit him and then the quest will be completed.

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