Yo-kai Watch 3 Gives Australia a Double-Dose of Yo-kai Watch in 2018

Yo-kai Watch 3 for Nintendo 3DS

If you didn’t get enough Yo-kai Watch action this year with Yo-kai Watch Blasters, then good news – Yo-kai Watch 3 is also releasing in Australia this year! This is a mainline Yo-kai Watch game that brings back Nate, Whisper and Jibanyan as well as a familiar but revamped battle system. While Yo-kai Watch 3 was released as three separate games in Japan (much like Yo-kai Watch 2 before it) the Western release of the game will combine elements of all three into a single release. Much easier on the wallet!

In Yo-kai Watch 3, Nate and his family move to the Yo-kai Watch equivalent of America, where plenty of new yo-kai are waiting to be befriended and an out-of-this-world mystery is slowly unravelling. Meanwhile a brand new protagonist named Hailey will begin her Yo-kai Watch journey back in Springdale, when she gets a watch of her own that allows her to befriend a new yo-kai called Usapyon. Players can switch control between Nate and Hailey to discover new adventures in Springdale and the new city of St. Peanutsburg.

The most exciting new feature of Yo-kai Watch 3 is that the battle system has been totally reworked, and now sees yo-kai laid out on a 3×3 grid. The positioning of your yo-kai is important because it determines which enemies they can attack (and which enemies can attack them!), and there’s advanced mechanics you can make use of like placing yo-kai next to each other to get bonuses.

You can also create your own yo-kai this time around! Originyan is a cat-like yo-kai similar to Jibanyan, but you can customise its skills and appearance by finding new customisation parts and befriending other cat yo-kai who can teach it new tricks. Features like the online battling and trading will return, as well as the Crank-a-Kai and QR Code scanning for new sets of the yo-kai medal toys that probably won’t be sold here. Just like in Yo-kai Watch 2 and Blasters you can connect Yo-kai Watch 3 to past games in the series to unlock exclusive rewards. Each version of Yo-kai Watch 2 will unlock a special S Rank yo-kai and each version of Yo-kai Watch Blasters will unlock a yo-kai for you as well.

Yo-kai Watch 3 launches on December 8th 2018 (that’s this year!) in Australia for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems. Naturally, the Yo-kai Watch game set in America releases first everywhere except America.

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