The Protagonists of Shovel Knight’s Expansions Are Getting Their Own amiibo

Shovel Knight - amiibo 3 pack

UPDATE (01/09/17): Added details on the amiibo’s functionality


During the Nindies At Night presentation today Yacht Club Games revealed a three-pack of brand new Shovel Knight amiibo. This pack contains figures of the protagonists of the three expansion packs that Shovel Knight has received – Specter Knight, Plague Knight and King Knight.

Details on these amiibo’s functions have now been posted on Yacht Club Games’ website. They can do quite a few things! Firstly, they can summon new helper fairies from Madame Meeber – these are cute little companions styled after each character who follow you around but don’t affect your gameplay. The amiibo will also unlock new suits of armour for you to style Specter Knight with. And finally, each figure will also unlock new Challenge Stages for that character to put your skills to the test.

These new functions will be coming to the Nintendo Switch, 3DS and Wii U versions of Shovel Knight and its expansions, but a release date has yet to be given.

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