Get Your Motor Running With the Nintendo Labo Vehicle Kit!

Nintendo Labo - Toy-Con 3 Vehicle Kit

UPDATE (27/07/18) – Australian release date confirmed and added

Nintendo have revealed the next Nintendo Labo Kit with an exciting trailer! It’s called Toy Con 3, the Vehicle Kit, and will give you control of a transforming car to explore an open world and play games with. You’ll need to build the pedals, steering and more, and interchange different parts while playing in order to turn your vehicle into a plane or submarine.

It looks like in addition to the open world exploration mode there’ll also be minigames and other modes to play that will make use of all the vehicle’s abilities. You’ll also be able to play co-operatively with another player! It certainly looks like it has more depth than the Robot Kit, which didn’t offer all that much to do. Fingers crossed that Nintendo adds Vehicle Kit compatibility to Mario Kart like they did with the Labo Motorbike!

The Nintendo Labo Vehicle Kit will launch on September 14th in Australia.

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